These amazing changes will take place on the earth 300 million years after the disappearance of mankind

Human beings are the masters of the earth. If human beings disappear from the earth, what magical changes will happen to the earth? Recently, there is a wonderful video on youtube, which shows us the changes of the earth after the disappearance of human beings. After watching it, we are very surprised. Maybe many years later, new species will appear. They have no idea of the human civilization on the earth.

Hours after human disappearance

Lights will go out in all parts of the world, because most of the electricity is provided by thermal power generation. If no one controls it, the fuel for thermal power generation will soon burn out.

Three days after human disappearance

Most subways in the world will be flooded, because no one can work with the underground water pump

10 days after the disappearance of human beings

The pets who are kept at home will die of hunger and water shortage. Billions of chickens and millions of cattle and other livestock will die because they are not raised. Those pets who can escape will enter the extremely cruel natural competition and face the real wild world.

Large dogs will start to prey on other small dogs and other creatures, and small dogs usually don’t last more than a few weeks.

One month after human disappearance

All the cooling water of the nuclear power plant will be evaporated, which will lead to a more severe nuclear explosion than Chernobyl and Fukushima. Millions of animals will die of cancer, but eventually the earth will recover from nuclear pollution

One month after the disappearance of mankind

All creatures on the earth will see the most gorgeous meteor. All kinds of satellites launched into space by human beings will gradually fall into the earth, the atmosphere and burn up because there is no human control to adjust the orbit.

25 years after the disappearance of mankind

Human roads and squares will be re covered by vegetation, with vegetation, there will be a variety of animals. However, there will also be predators. The surviving large dogs will mate with wolves and occupy the previous cities. Without human beings, the air will become extremely clean, and the visibility of some cities will increase several times. Cities like Dubai or Las Vegas will be engulfed by desert, and the desert will take back its original chassis, so will nature.

300 years after the disappearance of mankind

Steel buildings or iron bridges like the Eiffel Tower will start to collapse, because over the years, no one has repainted them to avoid corrosion. The steel in reinforced concrete will expand three times when it rusts, and the last high-rise building in the world will eventually collapse.

What’s more, the swamps that once covered the entire United States will reappear, and hundreds of animal and plant populations will return to their original sites. Large marine mammals will also be very happy because of the disappearance of human beings. Without the influence of human beings, whales will continue to breed to the upper limit of natural food.

500 years after the disappearance of mankind

All modern man-made buildings will disappear, and nature will dominate the earth again.

10000 years after the disappearance of mankind

The only evidence of human existence is the large stone buildings. The pyramids of Egypt, the great wall of China and the presidential hill of the United States will continue to exist for hundreds of thousands of years.

50 million years after the disappearance of mankind

Plastic bottles and some glass bottle fragments will become the last evidence of the existence of human civilization. In 100 million years, even these plastics and glass will no longer exist. Our earth has become an extremely stable system, slowly clearing away the garbage we created.

300 million years after the disappearance of mankind

If there is a new intelligent creature on the earth, they will face a new earth. They will not even realize that there has been human civilization on the earth.

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