These kinds of superpowers may really exist. Don’t believe it, the world is so big

What is God? God is a person who does things that normal people can’t do. Do you think these are gods?

1. Magneto

Example: Ivan stojikovic, a 6-year-old Croatian boy, has a magnetic field inside his body, which can absorb metal objects.

2. Liwang

Example: in 1999, this child was born in other children. He is much stronger than the child just born, and his whole body muscles are constantly trembling.

3. Dolphin man

Example: Ben Underwood, who was blind at the age of two, has been able to emit ultrasonic waves from his mouth since he was five, and then judge the object and direction around him according to echolocation.

4. Spiderman

Example: jyothi Raj, an Indian man, can climb high walls without any protection. This skill is known as spider man.

5. No eating, no drinking

For example: pilaradejani, an old Indian, has been eating and drinking for 70 years since he was 13 years old, but he is no different from normal people.

6. Control current

Example: British woman Debbie wolf can interfere with the normal operation of radio, household appliances or other household appliances. The person concerned said: whenever they feel the pressure is particularly big, this ability will appear, but can’t skillfully control.

7. The eye of God

Example: a Ukrainian man can see microorganisms with his eyes, and can accurately distinguish molecular species.

8. Snake king of Thailand

Example: a king of snakes in Thailand can swallow King Cobra alive.

After all, the world is so big. In fact, Xiaobian believes that there will be many unexplained phenomena or supernatural behaviors around us. You must have talked about it or heard it. Let’s talk about it.

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