These plants can make you hallucinate. When you see them, you must stay away from them. We all know the last one

In many novels, movies and TV works, there is such a plant, which can make people hallucinate after eating or smelling, and even endanger their lives. After scientific proof, there are nine kinds of plants that can make people hallucinate after eating.

1. Dieteng

Originated in early South America, it was often considered as a kind of medical medicine for sacrificial use. When used, it uses the dead rattan as the raw material and synthesizes it into water to become “dead rattan water”, which is known as “the wine of the soul”. It makes people vomit.

2. Black jade cactus

Originated in the United States or northern Mexico, this plant is often used for tea making. Its efficacy can reach 10-12 hours. After taking a certain dose, it can produce vision or hearing hallucinations, a lot of strange phenomena.

3. Psychedelic mushroom


The use of Psychedelic mushrooms is even earlier than the written record. 5000 B.C. murals about psychedelic mushrooms were found in caves in northern Algeria. After use, people can have a strong vision and hearing illusion, which can make users feel happy or sad and experience unprecedented feelings.

4. Salvia psychedelic

It is mainly produced in massateca, Oaxaca, Mexico, where witches usually extract the juice of Psychedelic sage and mix it with water or tea. This plant can also be chewed directly or even smoked with cigarettes. But the effect of this plant is relatively low, the efficacy is relatively short, can produce similar laughter, extreme tension or depression and other effects, and even make people feel more and more quiet, experience the harmony of nature.

5. Kawagen

Growing in the Western Pacific Ocean, this plant is often used as a drink. Different from other plants, the drink made of this plant can make people sober, calm, and even make people better at talking, speaking and acting. Therefore, this plant is widely used in gatherings. (so Xiaobian wants to say that it seems like this feeling after Xiaobian drinks…)

6. Wormwood

Absinthe originated from the ancient Greek ritual of offering sacrifices to Artemis, the goddess of the moon. Later, it was used as absinthe. In the 19th century, Gypsies loved it very much. Most people who had drunk absinthe described it as a kind of “sober” intoxication – similar to “sober drunkenness”.

7. Datura stramonium

Originated in tropical and subtropical regions, it is now widely distributed in China, even in all continents of the world. Datura stramonium has certain medicinal value. In the past, Datura stramonium was used as raw material in Huatuo’s “Mabei powder”. However, most of this plant is poisonous. After use, it can produce a high excited state of sympathetic nerve, stimulate the brain cells to produce a strong disturbance, stimulate the spinal nerve reflex system, and produce convulsions and spasms.

8. Toad fungus

Red cap, white spot, typical poisonous mushroom. Growing in the cold area of northern hemisphere, it was once used by witches or people during sacrifice. It has nausea, convulsion, auditory hallucination, visual hallucination, depression, wandering, relaxation, loss of balance, and even amnesia.

9. Paradise blue

A kind of morning glory, native to tropical America, has been widely transplanted. It has been used as a “hallucinogen” by Mexican Aborigines for hundreds of years, and it is recorded that after taking it, it will produce all kinds of hallucinations.

10. Marijuana

Marijuana, we all know it. The history of human smoking marijuana is more than 1000 years, but in fact, in addition to smoking, marijuana is also a very good medicinal material, which is used for the adjuvant treatment of some terminal diseases, and can be used to relieve glaucoma, epilepsy, migraine and other neurological symptoms, but marijuana is more widely used as religion or drugs. Marijuana can cause psychological and physical harm to the human body, and produce long-term dependence, and even more terrible poisoning symptoms. Therefore, I advise you not to touch this thing.

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