These stars are guarding mankind silently and have built several great walls for us. Who designed them

The moon is the closest object to the earth. At night, it brings clarity to the living things on the earth. But for the moon, at night, we would all be in the dark. Although other stars will also have light, the faint light of stars can never bring proper brightness and auspiciousness to the earth’s night! However, does it just light up the night sky for us? Its greater role is actually to clear the “destroyer” attack on life on earth.

What does “life destroyer on earth” mean here? This involves comets, asteroids and some larger meteorites, because if they hit the earth, it will cause small-scale ecological disasters, or global ecological disasters, or even devastating damage to life on earth.

Can the moon prevent these disasters for the earth?

The moon can only greatly reduce the destruction of life on earth by these “destroyers”. Some scientists believe that the moon exists to protect the earth. If you doubt it, you can take a look at the dense craters on the moon. Without the existence of the moon, these comets, asteroids and meteorites are very likely to hit the earth. Although the earth is protected by the atmosphere, the larger asteroids and comets will directly hit the surface of the earth. In this way, it is impossible for the earth to have such a colorful biological world as today It’s impossible for humans to evolve. Therefore, if there is no moon to stop the alien attacks on the earth, human beings will probably not appear. Therefore, we humans must thank the existence of the moon.

It is worth noting that Jupiter and Mars have also played a great role in this aspect. Together, they have built several “Great Walls” for defense. Some scientists have calculated that if Jupiter does not clear some “vagrants” in the solar system, the probability of the earth being hit by asteroids and comets will increase 1000 times, and there is an asteroid belt inside Jupiter’s orbit, here There are nearly a million asteroids in the asteroid belt. Fortunately, there is Mars in the asteroid belt. It also prevents many asteroids from orbiting the earth outside the asteroid belt, further reducing the possibility that the earth will be hit by asteroids and comets. But even so, there are still some “vagrants” close to the earth’s orbit. At this time, the moon is again playing the role of clearing these space vagrants around the earth In the process of operation, it constantly removes all kinds of vagrants who may hit the earth, and captures them before they hit the earth. Although there are still some fish that miss the net will hit the earth, after these times of blocking, there are very few things that can hit the earth.

Some people say that the end of science is the end of theology. When we go back to the source of science and can’t explain it, we can only say that all these are the arrangements of the creator. The evolution of the earth’s life is not only the function of the earth itself, but also the joint action of the moon, Mars, Jupiter, other planets and even the sun. It is the “joint action” of these celestial bodies that reduces the possibility that the earth will be impacted by an asteroid with a diameter of about 500 meters to once in 300000 years, while the possibility of an asteroid with a diameter of about 1 km to once in a million years Therefore, life on earth, including us, should be grateful to the moon and other celestial bodies for blocking the impact of some extraterrestrial visitors.

Xiaobian thinks that the whole solar system is protecting the earth. If there is no one left, the position of other planets will change. Therefore, the position of the earth is unique. It is the blue life planet that is well cared for.

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