These three crises are what human beings need to face in the future, which may lead to the collapse of human civilization

After the first industrial revolution in the 1860s, the development of human civilization seems to have been on a spaceship. The speed of development seems to have been accelerated by the use of props.

We humans have established human civilization on the earth for millions of years. However, this process of establishment is not achieved overnight. It is also established step by step by absorbing experience. And this big project is still going on, until human beings no longer exist in this world. Will mankind perish?

That is the end of the glorious civilization that human beings have painstakingly established. Is it not that all the efforts are in vain. Scientists have found that in the future, human beings are likely to disappear due to the emergence of these factors, which will seriously threaten human life. What’s going on?

As the first ruler of the earth, compared with the past, today’s human beings can be said to be “omnipotent”, as long as the human want, almost all can be achieved, but still need to be constantly honed and constructed. These are not problems, the length of time is enough to achieve everything. The speed of human development is now dozens or even hundreds of times higher than that in the past. In the past, it took decades for modern development to take one year.

However, if human beings are given a longer time, perhaps their higher wisdom will breed higher wisdom and create a more developed civilization, which may be able to reach the level of invincibility in the universe. But can humans stand the test of time? Can human beings guarantee to master and exist on the earth forever and ever?

Obviously, humans don’t have this self-confidence, otherwise scientists will not continue to explore other earth that may be suitable for human survival. As far as human beings are living on the earth now, they are beginning to have difficulties.

Since 2020, all kinds of bad news have been coming into people’s ears, which is destined to be a year of calamity for mankind. The huge impact of the epidemic and the silent invasion of the earthquake may not be an accident, but just the beginning. As a result, a series of problems that threaten the survival of human beings on the earth are quietly approaching. When human beings are taken lightly, they are unprepared.

Scientists have made several predictions for human beings and the earth in the next few years, and believe that human beings may face three major threats. Every threat is a huge blow to human beings, and almost all of them are fatal. Human beings need to summon up the courage to face and be extremely vigilant. We must never take it lightly!

The first threat is global warming. In fact, human beings have known it well, and scientists have issued many warnings to warn human beings around the world. However, this phenomenon has not eased, the earth’s temperature is still rising, there is no downward trend. Climate is the most important part of maintaining the earth’s ecological balance, but if there are problems here, the earth will face ecological imbalance.

After imbalance, the earth may become a fireball, even if there are people living, human beings can not live normally in the high temperature environment. We should know that the biological extinction in history has already shown us how terrible the consequences of ecological imbalance are. If human beings further aggravate the problem of climate warming, there will be no chance of regret in the end.

The second is the development of artificial intelligence, which is a threat created by human beings. Artificial intelligence has gone deep into human life, and even become an indispensable part of human life. Although the development of artificial intelligence is still in its infancy, there is no way to think like human beings.

But this is also a very dangerous thing. Once robots have human consciousness, none of us can guarantee that they will not be free from human control. After all, freedom is what any intelligent creature yearns for. In this way, Hawking has already advised human beings not to develop artificial intelligence, but human beings seem to ignore the advice and go further and further on this road. This is a mine buried underground. If you step on it carelessly, the disaster will not be stopped.

The last one is an asteroid hitting the earth. The impact of an asteroid on the earth once led to the collective extinction of the dinosaur family. The energy released by an asteroid is equivalent to 4 trillion tons of TNT bombs. Although the asteroid impact on the earth is inevitable, but the probability is very, very small. However, this does not mean that human beings can get rid of the crisis. Human beings are bound to survive in the shadow of the crisis. So when can mankind escape from such a threat? Time will bring us an answer. When the level of human science and technology reaches an unmatched level, maybe we can get rid of it.

What do you think of this? Do you think these three crises will break out in the future? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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