These two cultural relics unearthed in the pyramid are not from the earth. The raw materials are from outer space!

For a long time, the ancient Egyptian Pharaons were mysterious and attracted many people. If you don’t visit the pyramids, which are known as one of the seven wonders of the world, this trip to Egypt is absolutely incomplete and regrettable. A total of 96 remains of pyramids have been found in Egypt. In the lower reaches of the Nile River, 80 remains of pyramids of different sizes are scattered. Among them, the three pyramids of Khufu are the tallest. In front of the pyramid of King harvara, it is guarded by a sphinx, a symbol of the King’s power and dignity. The king of ancient Egypt, also known as the Pharaoh, was the largest slave owner in Egypt, with supreme rights, just like the emperors before China.

In China, the emperor is regarded as the son of heaven, while in Egypt, the pharaoh is regarded as the incarnation of God. So they built a huge pyramid for themselves as a mausoleum, symbolizing the supreme power of the Pharaoh! The highest and largest pyramid of Khufu is 146.5 meters high and 230 meters long at the bottom. It is made of 2.3 million pieces of stones with an average of 2.5 tons each, covering an area of 52000 square meters. However, there is no adhesive between these stones. Relying on their mutual overlapping and occlusion, no one can imagine how the project was completed at that time.

Archaeologists began to excavate these mysterious pyramids, and the tomb of Tutankhamun is the most representative, because the tomb of the Pharaoh not only represents the peak of ancient Egyptian civilization, but also shows us how luxurious the Egyptian civilization was at that time. Tutankhamun is a young and not very outstanding Pharaoh who died suddenly at the age of 19. His tomb pyramid is the greatest discovery in the world archaeological history. Because this is the most luxurious and the only complete Tomb of the Pharaoh that has never been stolen for thousands of years, it has been rated as one of the top ten rare treasures of ancient tombs in the world. Tens of thousands of cultural relics have been unearthed from Tutankhamun tomb, each of which is priceless and of great research value. In Tutankhamun’s tomb, there is a plaque, which reads the curse of the Pharaoh: “who disturbed the sleep of the Pharaoh, death will spread its wings to his head.” The excavators of this tomb also died one after another. Curse blessing makes the tomb more mysterious and attracts many people’s attention.

In this world-famous mausoleum, there are two cultural relics that attracted the attention of researchers. They are the golden dagger and the Scarab amulet worn by the Pharaoh when he was buried.

At first, researchers thought that the gold dagger was made of pure gold, but later, when researchers analyzed its chemical composition, they found that the nickel cobalt ratio in the gold dagger was very subtle, which was actually consistent with the nickel cobalt ratio in the meteorite. This fully shows that the material used in the gold Dagger is meteorite from outer space.

Another Scarab amulet seems to be a little common, but the researchers found that the gem on the Scarab amulet is made of special glass from the Libyan desert. The formation of this kind of glass is very coincidental. It will only be formed when the meteorite hits the ground. Therefore, this Scarab amulet can also be said to be a “gift” from outer space.

These two cultural relics are not brilliant among the many cultural relics in Tutankhamun’s tomb, but after research, people know that they are still “anti heaven cultural relics” from outer space! So if you have a chance, you must go to Egypt to experience and explore these mysteries.

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