These two places turn the “water train” in “the pirate king” and “a thousand and a thousand” into reality

I believe many fans of the pirate king know about the water train in the pirate king, and they all remember the water train when Qianxun was looking for his mother-in-law Qian. In the animation world, all the impossibilities in reality have become possible, but can’t they be realized in real life?

The Thai Railway Bureau has jointly opened a tourist train across the pasak jolasid dam in huafuli. Since its opening, it has been well received by the majority of tourists. Many people call to see the endless water train, and the beautiful image falls into the animation. Tourists can take the train not only to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the reservoir, but also to participate in otpo commodity exhibition, museum, sheep farm, Sunflower Garden, horse riding and other activities.

As a result, many people want to take this train for a walk, but this train only accepts reserved tickets. And because it is built on the water and affected by natural factors, it is driven on a specific date after opening. Although the travel time in 2018 has passed, we can look forward to the travel time in 2019. It is reported that the train departs from Bangkok, Thailand at 7:10 to pasak jolasid dam in huafuri, returns at 15:30 and arrives in Bangkok at 18:30. I believe everyone will be in a good mood during the short day’s journey.

In addition, in fact, besides Thailand, the water transportation of trains has been realized in India. However, the “water train” in Mumbai, India, can not build the train track on the water. It is because after a rainstorm, the heavy rain submerged the railway, making the train seem to be running on the water. Its artistic conception is comparable to that of the water train in “thousands of miles” and “the pirate king” .

Such a water train with artistic conception, do you want to have a try

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