These two women in Japan have the super ability to surpass science, but they died in the end of public opinion

These two women in Japan have the super ability to surpass science, but they died in the end of public opinion

Masako Yamamura is a classic Japanese horror character with long black hair and white clothes. She often climbs out of the TV without plug-in power. The viewer will encounter an accident in seven days. Most people think that the image of Zhenzi is fictional, but the fact is not so. The image of Zhenzi has its prototype to check. The archetypes of Zhenzi are also from Japan, the imperial ship qianhezi and the long tail Yuzi.

First, let’s talk about qianhezi, a woman with “thousand mile eye” super power. “Thousand mile eye” is also commonly known as perspective.

It is said that qianhezi’s hearing gradually disappeared after she was born, and finally she could only hear a little sound in her left ear, which also led to her more delicate emotion and sensitive perception than ordinary people.

Qian Hezi was 22 years old and married once. Her husband was Ke Qian, a soldier in the army. Because once the husband lost 50 yen in his wallet, Qian Hezi told her husband that he was in her mother-in-law’s drawer. After her mother-in-law found it, she was surprised and thought that Qian Hezi had stolen money, so she gave up Qian Hezi.

After returning home, Qian Hezi helps in his father’s medicine house. Qian Hezi can accurately see the cause of the patient with his own perspective, which greatly improves the recovery rate of the patient. But qianhezi really realized that it was her brother-in-law, Qingyuan fierce bear, who used her super power.

Qingyuan fierce bear knew qianhezi’s super power and taught her hypnosis, which made qianhezi’s super power further developed and improved. Qianhezi used his super power to help a Japanese coal miner accurately find the buried coal mine.

The story of Qian Hezi was gradually known by outsiders. According to legend, journalists also came to interview him, so the Japanese scientific community conducted a series of tests on Qian Hezi.

They put a piece of paper in a lead tube that said “steal shot” and sealed it. Qianhezi used his perspective to accurately say the words in the note. But at that time, the test organizers thought that the test was fake and did not agree that Qian Hezi had the ability of perspective. So I did a second test. In a hotel in Tokyo, twelve doctors sealed and stamped the paper bag they wanted to see through, but Qian Hezi still said what was in the bag.

But in September 1910, Japanese physics authority Kenjiro Yamakawa also believed that the test of qianhezi was fake, which led the media to follow suit and deny qianhezi’s super ability, making qianhezi worried in the vortex of public opinion. Finally, in 1911, qianhezi, only 25 years old, took poison and committed suicide.

However, a person familiar with the matter revealed that Qian Hezi’s death and his father’s money debt dispute were caused by different reasons. But Xiaobian thinks that the pressure of public opinion is far beyond other reasons.

Let’s talk about another superpower, Yuzi.

Yuko’s super ability is to read and write. That is to say, we can write our ideas without pen. Physicists at that time still did the experiment for the long tail Curcuma, but because of the assistant’s things, the experiment was interrupted. When the media knew about it, they distorted the reports out of context, resulting in a large number of public opinions attacking Yuzi. At that time, physicists were still experimenting with her at Yuzi’s home, but in the end, under the pressure of public opinion, they had to stop the experiment. In addition, some people sent threatening letters to Yuzi, which made Yuzi depressed and unable to get sick. Finally, he died in 1911 at the age of 40.

There are all kinds of strange things in this world, and there are some things that you can’t know about. But in the end, Xiaobian hopes that you can treat these new things with more tolerance. You can not accept them, but don’t hurt them.

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