They had called “powers” to form special forces, which could destroy the enemy’s military facilities with their mind

Channeling means that people can directly contact with souls and communicate with them. We can often see a psychic in some film and television works. If we close our eyes and recite a mantra, we can receive a message. Or if we have a dream, we can receive the content expression of an old friend. But after all, it’s just a film and television work. In real life, there are very few people who can do it. But in the United States, there is such an army that every member of them has great powers and even can do it.

This force is a secret force specially established by the United States in 1980. Where is the secret? Everyone in the army has unique skills, and most of them are psychic. Among them, scientists with high authority join in. The head of the army is still in charge of the local army intelligence office. Why is this army formed? The main purpose is to sense the movements of the enemy thousands of miles away through these mysterious people.

They have performed in front of the president to show their unique skills. That requires them to close their eyes in a closed space, and use their special ability to perceive the specific location of the enemy. It’s amazing that some people’s data are actually accurate and frightening. Among them, Joe mcmond, who is the best at positioning, has been in the general security administration for 20 years. He has collected countless intelligence for the country through his remote sensing ability.

In addition, the United States also hopes to cultivate ideological talents from their special forces. For example, one of the soldiers can kill several animals with his own mind, and of course, the result is that he has been injured to varying degrees. They also hope that these soldiers can use their special ability to drill into other countries’ computers, crack complex passwords, clear all important contents on the computers, and finally completely collapse other countries’ military systems.

Although we feel that it seems impossible, it really exists. The operation of this force in the United States has been in a state of high-level confidentiality. According to an insider, the biggest task they did was that the military spent a lot of money and hired some high-powered psychics to locate and track down bin Laden.

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