They have hands, feet and fins. They can live in water and run on land. This little monster has been caught

There are all kinds of strange things in the world. A while ago, a guy found such a small monster while playing by the sea. It’s a fish. It has feet and can run on the ground. It’s a land creature. This little guy also has a fin. It’s black. It’s not big. It’s fierce.

Later, the young man sent this strange creature to the local animal research institute. After the research of experts, it was found that the biological name of the fish is leiocarpus, which belongs to the order leiocarpus. Like Ankang fish, there is a kiss tentacle on the head, which is similar to the bait used in fishing. It’s not the feet that walk, it’s not the hands that look like the hands, it’s the fins.

Maybe some little friends know this little monster, can’t help asking: I’ve seen this thing, not black. According to experts, it may be a new form produced by mutation or hybridization.

According to the introduction of experts, this kind of striped fish is extremely ferocious. Among vertebrates, it has the fastest biting speed, which is similar to the “man eating fish that can land on the shore”. Experts suggest that if you meet this kind of creature, you must stay away from it.

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