They were pierced eardrum since childhood, do not belong to any country, the real world “Mermaid”?

Many people think that human diversity and environmental diversity are two-way choices. Nowadays, the pace of human beings has spread all over the world. In different places, people have different living habits. This is the typical way of relying on mountains and rivers. The influence of region on human civilization is also very big. The ocean is the place where life was born. Since ancient times, there have been many civilizations living on the sea, but human beings can not conquer the ocean. There is a special nation near Indonesia. They live on the sea all their lives and never leave the sea.

What is ba Yao nationality?

This mysterious people is called Bayao people. They have lived on the sea since records. In our opinion, the marine environment is also very changeable. Even experienced divers can’t survive on the seabed for a long time. The Ba Yao people have very good water quality and can often stay on the seabed for more than ten hours. After seeing this phenomenon, many people are also full of doubts, why can ba Yao people survive in the sea? Are they real mermaids?

Since the Bayao nationality appeared in the world, scientists have also studied them. It turns out that they do not belong to any country and have no nationality. Because they want to survive in the sea, in order to adapt to the marine environment, the Bayao people have to pierce their eardrums since childhood. It is for this reason that they can adapt to the pressure of the sea, but they can not adapt to the land environment very well, so they will not leave the sea. Of course, just because Bayao people live on the sea doesn’t mean they stay at the bottom of the sea for 24 hours. They also set up high-rise houses on the sea. After catching fish every day, they return to the high-rise houses to survive. They seldom go to the land, just like a paradise.

Mermaid in reality?

Scientists have made statistics that the Bayao people can not only stay at the bottom of the sea for a long time, but also dive into the depth of more than 30 meters by themselves. Xiaobian is also very surprised to see that human beings have a strong ability to adapt to the nature. Does the distinctive lifestyle of Ba Yao people mean that they are different from human beings? Will they evolve into mermaids in the future?

It is true that the Bayao people are different from human beings in some places. Because they have to soak in the sea for a long time, many people have swelling and pain in their joints, so it is difficult for them to live and move on the land like normal people. Since they were young, their eardrums have been punctured, so their sensitivity to sound has been greatly reduced. Many Ba Yao people will be completely deaf at an older age.

Because they have been living in the sea, it means that their offspring can not receive good education. Although some young Bayao people have gone to live on land, they have no nationality, so the pressure on land is far higher than ordinary people. Because they have no education, there are many loopholes in the fishing process. Sometimes, in order to catch fish, they will take extreme measures and even use poison to kill fish, which will damage the marine environment. Whether the Bayao people want to live on land or in the sea is still a controversial issue. I don’t know what you think?

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