This 76 million year old dinosaur, once the “overlord” of the earth, was defeated by cancer!

Today, cancer is still a problem to be solved by the scientific community. Many people always feel hairy and sweat when they hear about cancer. Many people who get cancer can’t escape death in the end. Cancer has become one of the biggest diseases that perplex human beings. But in fact, cancer has existed on the earth for tens of millions of years, and cancer is not a disease caused by human beings. Scientists once discovered a dinosaur, and it got the disease that only human beings could get thousands of years ago.

Dinosaur fossils from 76 million years ago

This is a dinosaur fossil discovered by scientists in the process of exploration. This dinosaur fossil is left by the sharp horned dinosaur. According to the analysis of scientists, this dinosaur lived in the Cretaceous period 76 million years ago. Compared with other large dinosaurs, the sharp horned dinosaurs are smaller in size, generally about 5 tons. They are mild in character and usually feed on plants. As a result, they also became the belly of some carnivorous dinosaurs. Unfortunately, this dinosaur was not killed by the carnivorous dinosaurs, but was defeated by cancer.

There are traces of cancer in the fossil

When scientists analyzed the fossil, they found a wound in its hind leg bone. At first, scientists didn’t pay much attention to the wound. They thought it might be caused by the attack. But when scientists treated the wound in detail, they suddenly realized that the wound was more like a tumor spread. This discovery surprised scientists. Cancer has been rampant for many years. Unexpectedly, cancer was found in dinosaur fossils thousands of years ago.

Dinosaur fossils discovered by scientists in 1989

In fact, in 1989, scientists excavated a dinosaur fossil, which also had traces of cancer cells. According to the calculation results of scientists, the cells had spread all over the body of dinosaurs. These findings have a very high reference value for human to study dinosaurs. In our opinion, the environment faced by dinosaurs tens of millions of years ago was relatively single. Why did they suffer from human diseases?

Why did dinosaurs get cancer?

Scientists believe that cancer is not the exclusive disease of human beings. Cancer has been found in many organisms in nature. This shows how powerful cancer is. Even though our medical level is different from the past, there is still no cure for cancer. Human beings have to bear so much suffering in the face of cancer, not to mention the dinosaurs thousands of years ago. Although dinosaurs were the world’s hegemony at that time, they were still powerless in the face of cancer.

Therefore, human beings are still limited in the face of large-scale diseases. At present, scientists are also actively studying the fight against cancer. We believe that in the near future, we can develop a way to fight against cancer, and human civilization will continue forever. What do you want to say about this situation?

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