This ancient sword unearthed in Hubei Province was read by Guo Moruo himself, leading the world for more than a thousand years!

Goujian sword, the king of Yue, was unearthed from the Chu tomb in Wangshan, Jiangling, Hubei Province in 1965. The master Guo Moruo thought that the owner of the sword was Goujian, the king of Yue, who lived on his salary and tasted courage. However, it is strange that the sword of King Gou Jian of Yue has a history of thousands of years. However, when it was unearthed, there was no rust at all, and it was extremely sharp with cold light.

At that time, it caused a great stir. Many bronzes were found in archaeology, such as the Empress Wu square tripod, which is known as the treasure of Zhenguo. Although the tripod is also in good condition, it still leaves some rust spots and traces of time. But the sword of Gou Jian, king of Yue, did not leave any traces of time. What is the secret of this sword? Why did the ancients have the technology to make weapons immortal? Since the ancients had the technology to make weapons immortal for thousands of years, why is it that among so many weapons discovered today, only one king of Yue Gou Jian sword can be immortal for thousands of years?

After the discovery of the king of Yue’s Goujian sword, a group of top scientific researchers in the world started to study the composition of the sword. This research was a big surprise, because the manufacturing technology of the sword was too advanced, even more than a thousand years ahead of the world. After analyzing the composition of King Gou Jian’s sword, the researchers found that the reason for the Millennium rust was that the sword was plated with a layer of metal containing chromium. Chromium is a rare metal with high corrosion resistance. The content of chromium in earth rocks is very low, so it is difficult to extract. And chromium is a high temperature resistant metal, its melting point is about 4000 ℃. But what makes people feel very strange is that chromium was discovered in 1797, and the real use of chromium has reached the 19th century. Moreover, the discovery of chromium also benefited from the explosion of Western science and technology, increasingly powerful chemical equipment and chemical concepts. How did the ancients in the spring and Autumn period do that?

Even if the ancients discovered chromium, there is a bigger mystery. How did the ancients put chromium on the sword? It had to be oxidized with chromium salt to keep chromium on the sword for a long time. This technology first appeared in 1937, and must also rely on precision instruments and specific conditions. But at that time, the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period did not meet this requirement at all. At that time, bronze ware was still used in the spring and Autumn period and the output of iron ware was still very low. How could the technology be used for chromium treatment? In the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, Yue was just a wild land opened up in the spring and Autumn period. Its science and technology were far different from those of the Central Plains, and the best weapon making technology of all countries at that time was South Korea. Did Yue really have the ability to make such a sword? It can be seen that there are so many mysteries about this sword that it can only be revealed by more archaeological discoveries in the future.

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