This animal feeds on human beings. If it had not been extinct, human beings would have disappeared long ago!

Nature is the world of the jungle. In the food chain, every creature seems to have natural enemies, except human beings. We have become the overlord of the earth. Throughout the whole nature, even the big and ferocious creatures, human beings have not paid attention to them. So in today’s nature, human beings have no natural enemies. Is this really the case?

Strictly speaking, modern human beings have no natural enemies, but in the early environment, human beings did not create advanced technology, in the cruel nature, they are still facing many dangers. In fact, in the early stage of human evolution, there were natural enemies. Many people will be curious. What kind of creatures were human natural enemies in ancient times? After a long period of research, scientists have finally identified a mysterious creature, which was extinct 1.4 million years ago. Their food is human, and this creature is cat phobia.

Natural enemies of mankind

Scientists have dug up the fossils of cat phobia. After restoration, we can see that cat phobia is a bit similar to leopard now. In the African prairie, leopard’s ferocious ability is well known. In fact, in the distant past, leopard was also the number one natural enemy of gorillas. Scientists have found that the earliest appearance of cat phobia was 8 million years ago. At that time, humans still belonged to the same race before they separated from gorillas. Although the earth was rich in species at that time, our ancestors did not realize that they had become the target of cat phobia.

Scientists have found the tooth marks of cat phobia on the bones of many ancient primates. So scientists speculate that in the distant past, the cat was the king at the top of the food chain. Maybe when the Australopithecus jumped down from the tree, the cat in ambush would suddenly attack. Compared with the fear of cats, Australopithecus had no fighting power at all, and could only be reduced to their belly food obediently. When Australopithecus were sleeping, the cat would attack their cave. Before Australopithecus recovered, it would die.

Why did the natural enemies disappear?

It can be said that cat phobia was the natural enemy of ancient human beings, but why did the king at the top of the food chain suddenly disappear? Scientists have been studying this problem, but there is no final conclusion. They speculate that the disappearance of cat phobia may be related to changes in the earth’s environment. After all, in the long years of the earth, there have been many extinctions. Every time the earth’s environment changes, it will cause the extinction of certain organisms, and the cat phobia is no exception.

I don’t know if you have ever thought about this question. If the cat phobia has not disappeared, can today’s human beings still create a brilliant civilization and become the king of the earth? I don’t know what you think?

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