This “big mouth” monster lives 5000 meters under the sea and its tail is 3 meters long

There are many kinds of rare creatures on the earth that we can never explore. Of course, many creatures may have been extinct before we found them. This is relatively rare. According to the recent photos taken by the marine research group, they found a rare “big mouth” monster on the seabed, which is a very rare kind of seabed It’s also a great opportunity to meet biology. Let’s have a look.

At the beginning, the marine research team didn’t know what the “big mouth” monster was. Through repeated analysis of the submarine video, it was found that it was a rare “sea eel” distributed in eastern Africa, the Indian Ocean and the Northwest Pacific Ocean. Its “big mouth” can directly explain its ferocity and “eat” more. Of course, on the whole, it differentiated into carnivorous fish, also known as “big mouth” It has become the food in human’s mouth.

The exact name of the creature should be bursa throatfish, because “eel” is close to the sea, while bursa throatfish lives in the deep sea of 2000-5000 meters, and the deepest habitat is only 5000 meters. Compared with the same kind of “big mouth”, bursa throatfish has very strong spatial dissolving ability. Due to the different depth, the habitat is hardly photographed. The researchers pointed out that through the image of “big mouth”, we are very satisfied It’s hard to imagine how much food this adult can swallow. Records show that its tail is more than 3 meters long.

More and more marine organisms are difficult to find on the earth. Although the same species of cultured organisms have the same form, such as this “eel” is like a bursal fish, it can be said that it is not two concepts. At least in terms of living habits, there must be a gap between wild and cultured species. In recent years, the phenomenon of biological extinction on the earth has become increasingly serious, not only for marine organisms, but also for terrestrial organisms or plants. Therefore, it is enough to show that the environment may become very bad in the future.

Nowadays, there are relatively more natural disasters on the earth, and the frequent occurrence of them poses a certain threat to our living environment. The scientific prediction of mass extinction is also the same. Biodiversity is gradually decreasing, the pattern between biological chains is decreasing, and the pattern of maintaining ecological balance is “maladjustment”. The earth is not like the mass extinction we used to be, and there are many different biodiversity In the process of slowly disappearing, or the advocacy of “Paris Agreement” is the key, maintaining the stability of the earth needs everyone’s joint efforts.

Finally, with people’s understanding of the big mouth monster, people have finally discovered the creatures that may be declared extinct recently, such as the mountain so ty bouboubouous in Africa, thismia kobensis in Japan and veprisbali in Nigeria (a new plant), they have been extinct, which is a warning to mankind, because the environment and the earth are interdependent. There may be more similar incidents in the future.

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