This clothing store is making money with science, making millions a month. What are you doing?

I don’t know if my friends have found anything. No matter where it is in the shopping mall, there will always be a store with a very good business, which makes Xiaobian puzzled and unable to get the answer. So Xiaobian decided to incarnate in thunderbolt, and the reporter conducted a random questionnaire survey on the customers of the store with a good business. The feedback surprised Xiaobian!

Xiaobian extracted the questionnaire survey of three customers, let’s take a look.

Customer a: other people have all the styles in her house, but the clothes bought in her house look very nice and thin.

Customer B: in fact, many of the styles in her family are old ones. It’s just like losing several jin when you look in the mirror.

Customer C: I just want to buy her home. I’ve tried the same style in other people’s home, but it’s not as thin as her home. I don’t know why? Maybe the details are different.

I don’t know if you have noticed that there is a repeated word in the words of these three customers, which is thin! bingo. Only when you look in the mirror can you know if you look thin in this dress. But isn’t everyone’s mirror the same? For this reason, Xiaobian went to the store to have a look, and found that the angle of the store’s mirror seems different from that of other people’s home. Then he secretly touched the mirror, and found that there was a little concave in the center of the mirror, but it was not obvious. Xiaobian silently wrote it down, went to other people’s store and secretly touched it, and found almost all the mirror watches The noodles are flat to the touch, only her family’s concave is a little bit. No wonder only her family can earn millions a month, and science is really the primary productive force.

On this issue, Xiaobian consulted a great God, who told me that the so-called thin mirror uses the principle of optical refraction. When the mirror has a certain degree of curvature, the image of the human body when looking in the mirror will be “distorted”. Convex mirror reflects the person, in the naked eye will have the effect of expansion, that is to say, people appear fat. Then the concave mirror looks thin. Xiaobian has summed up a few points here to share with my friends.

1. The length of the mirror should be several times longer than the width of the cuboid or ellipsoid mirror

2. It’s a concave mirror. The mirror is slightly concave

3. The angle is better. It’s better to be 60 to 75 degrees from the ground

Hey, guys selling clothes, I know why your opponent’s business is so good this time. Hurry up!

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