This crazy scientist, injected 3.5 million years ago with bacteria, what’s the matter now?

All creatures on the earth can not escape the end of death, but since ancient times, human beings seem to have a crazy obsession with immortality. From the emperors of various dynasties looking for the elixir of immortality, they hope that they can live on the earth forever and continue to rule the world. But even in the 21st century, there is no way for human beings to break through the shackles of the iron law of nature and live on the earth forever.

3.5 million years of bacteria

In order to achieve immortality, scientists are also in the process of research. A scientist named brushkov once injected himself with bacteria from 3.5 million years ago in order to find a way to live forever. In 2009, this scientist made an amazing discovery in the permafrost of Siberia. He found that there is a kind of cell living in the permafrost, which is Bacillus F. according to the experimental results, this kind of bacteria has existed for 3.5 million years. In order to understand the key to human life span, he extracted this kind of bacteria and implanted it into mice.

Mouse experiment

The experimental results were gratifying. These mice were already in their middle and old age. After being injected with the bacteria, they not only enhanced the ability of the immune system, but also regained the fertility of some female mice. He was very surprised to see this result. If humans can be injected with the bacteria, will it prolong their life like mice? In order to make sure the effect of the experiment is more accurate, he decided to do the experiment himself. So he injected the bacteria 3.5 million years ago into his body. What’s the matter with him now?

What happened to the scientist?

It can be said that the effect of this bacteria is still very obvious. According to brushkov’s self statement, her body is stronger than before, and she has not had a disease for more than two years, and her mind is getting younger and younger. After seeing this result, many people wanted to try it. There was a model from Germany who wanted to be young forever. So he found the scientist in 2017 and injected herself with Bacillus. At the beginning, the model’s physical condition was 10 points normal. Unexpectedly, in the second year, he suddenly began to accelerate aging, and brushkov’s condition also changed.

Scientists also examined their bodies and found that the bacteria did not prolong human life. It is 3.5 million years ago. Even if it can maintain active nitrogen, its survival time in human body will not be too long, and it will accelerate the consumption of body energy, causing a series of adverse reactions.

The pursuit of immortality is understandable, but with the current level of science and technology, we can’t do it. Birth, aging, illness and death are the iron laws of nature. No one can break this law. What do you think?

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