This dinosaur 76 million years ago, experts found out the cause of its death, it was “it” in the mischief!

Experts found a dinosaur fossil from 76 million years ago. The reason for its disappearance is still a mystery!

There are countless ways of death recorded in the history of human development. Some people died of accidents, some died of starvation and thirst, and some died of natural aging. There will always be accidents in life. In the face of death, it is difficult for everyone to suppress their inner fear. In modern times, cancer is still tormenting human beings. It is an incurable disease. Even if the modern medical level is very advanced, it is still unable to cure cancer. The main reason is that it is too overbearing and affects the balance of human body function.

While human beings have lived on the earth for millions of years, cancer has been rampant for more than 100 million years. Scientists once found a fossil in archaeology. It is judged that this is a dinosaur fossil, which came from 76 million years ago. Surprisingly, traces of malignant tumors were found on this fossil. What’s the matter? Experts found a dinosaur fossil from 76 million years ago. The reason for its disappearance is still a mystery!

Life habits and characteristics of oxycera

The prototype of this fossil found by experts is pointed horned dinosaur, which mainly lives in the late Cretaceous period. Different from ordinary dinosaurs, it feeds on plants all the year round and is about 6-8 meters long. In his time, there were no natural enemies. After seeing him, most creatures would retreat from him. Although he was not threatened by other creatures, he was devastated by cancer.

Because experts found a scar on its tibia fossil, which did not heal. After careful observation, they found traces of tumor. Therefore, experts concluded that the death of acrosaurus was probably caused by osteosarcoma. This is the first time that humans have found that dinosaurs can also suffer from cancer. For the first time, experts are excited. For human beings, osteosarcoma is difficult to cure, not only to suffer from its devastation, unbearable pain, life will not be too long. Today, it still exists in the world, and it has been rampant for a long time than human history.

A dinosaur fossil was also found in 1989

In 1989, someone dug up a dinosaur fossil in the dinosaur park, which aroused great concern of the scientific community. Later, using CT scanning technology, it was diagnosed as cancer after detection. Cancer cells spread in a large area in the dinosaur’s body. It can be judged that the dinosaur had been ill for a long time before his death. Because it could not be cured, it could not endure this kind of torture and died peacefully. Cancer cells are very terrible, it is difficult to be suppressed, it will only continue to spread, once the spread of a large area, no matter how tenacious the vitality of dinosaurs, it can not resist.

According to statistics, dinosaurs ruled for 160 million years in history, and cancer appeared in their survival stage. Many dinosaurs did not die naturally or caused by disasters, but lost their lives because cancer could not be cured. At present, what we should do is to vigorously develop science and technology. Only by mastering more advanced scientific and technological means can we fight against cancer, and one day we can fight cancer Cancer is completely solved. Facing the fate of dinosaurs, we can only sigh with admiration. What else do you know about cancer? You can leave a message for interaction.

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