This is the biggest hell theme park in the world. Anyone dare to try it

Thailand is known as the “Huangpao Buddhist kingdom”. It is an ancient civilization country with more than 2000 years of Buddhist history. More than 90% of the followers of Buddhism in Thailand. But 40 kilometers away from Bangkok, a magical tourist attraction, maleangpo “hell on earth”, was built in 1986. Walking into the park, you will see all kinds of horrible monsters, just like hell on earth.

As a matter of fact, we are no stranger to Buddhism. Buddhism has a history of more than 2500 years. It was founded by Dharma Siddhartha. Buddhism believes that man has a destiny, but man’s destiny can be changed by himself. Doing good deeds and making good connections can change the fate that should be full of disasters. Therefore, it advocates that man should be good and pay for his own mistakes. Thailand’s hell park is Thailand’s understanding of Buddhism. This theme park just wants this exciting scene to express the gist of Buddhism and urge people to make good friends with others.

What’s special about hell park? Let’s follow Xiaobian’s introduction to the park. When we walk into hell Park, we can see some people with piercing eyes. These people are the same size as human beings, and some legendary colors are added to them. In order to ensure the permanent preservation of these statues, all the statues are made of cement or metal. Three five statues in a group of small circles show the torture of hell, bloody appearance shows the fate of the villain in the book.

It is a tongue pulling hell specially prepared for instigating dissension, slandering and harming others; an iron tree hell for dissipating flesh and blood, instigating discord between father and son, brothers and other people; an oil pot hell for stealing, being a bandit and bullying the strong and the weak. They all appear vividly in hell Park, as shown in the figure below. Let’s feel the hell atmosphere of hell park.

Xiaobian just wants to ask: do you want to go after reading it? (smiling face)

This article was originally written by Yang Huijia, the author of Jiujian

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