This is the fourth largest desert in China, but the area is decreasing, thanks to the great Chinese spirit!

Since ancient times, the desert has given people the impression that it is a piece of yellow sand that can’t be seen. It looks despairing, vast and desolate. It will not only devour people and animals in the desert, but also spread and occupy the nearby green space. At present, the whole earth’s desert accounts for one fourth of the land area. Although people have been struggling with the desert and protecting the green space, the global desert is still continuing The trend of expansion, and in China, people with their unremitting efforts, created the myth of green land encroaching on the desert!

Maowusu Desert is the fourth largest desert in China. Now we are glad that this desert will disappear in China and the earth. This is because a group of strong sand control people, with their unremitting efforts, experienced repeated failures, insisted year after year, just planted and raised green trees in the desert. Finally, this once desert has become such a vibrant oasis! The most successful sign is not only the boundless green water, but also the forest park on the original desert.

And this is the result of nearly half a century’s hard work of many people! In the beginning, there was no mechanization. The original sand control people had to dig holes and plant trees with their own hands. They took care of every small tree as a treasure. Every bucket of water for watering the small trees was picked up by themselves. When encountering sandstorms, they tried to cover them like a child. With more and more attention and support from the state, the sand control team has also grown up. Today, this artificial oasis appears in people’s view. How shocking and proud it is! And because these people love their hometown and this land, they become “immortals” who can compose myths!

Although the earth’s environment seems to be deteriorating, and people still have more concerns about the environment for human survival, it can be seen that human beings will eventually become the creators of miracles from imperceptibility to bewilderment, and deserts can become oases. I believe that as long as people have cognition, insist on starting from themselves and starting from small things, there will be such “adverse heaven” in the world ā€¯Miracle!

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