This is the most amazing animal in the world. It gives birth to five children and may have five fathers

The name of the animal we’re going to talk about today is dog and mouse. Of course, this animal has a very cute name called woodchuck. In fact, at the beginning, marmots were called marmots. Because marmots mainly live on the ground, they are good at digging holes, and they are very cute, so the masses give them a lovely name. However, the poor prairie dog and marmot are very similar, so they are also named as groundhog by the melon eaters who don’t know the truth. But in fact, the prairie dog and marmot have nothing to do with each other except that they look like a dime.

The prairie dog rat is a very interesting creature. There are five different branches of the dog rat family, namely, the black tailed prairie dog rat, the Mexican prairie dog rat, the Utah prairie dog rat, the white tailed prairie dog rat, and the gooseberry prairie dog rat. Among them, the largest are the black tailed prairie dogs and mice, and the Mexican prairie dogs and mice, which belong to the main fighting capacity of the dog and mouse family. However, it is worth mentioning that the leaders of the five branches of the family are not black tailed dogs and mice and Mexican dogs and mice, but white tailed prairie dogs and mice. We know that most animals have language ability, but their language ability is often very low, and they can only make a simple danger prediction.

In addition to the white tailed prairie dog, all of the prairie dog family can only carry out a simple communication of risk prediction, while the white tailed prairie dog can carry out a complex communication and express various meanings. But these are not the most amazing places for this animal. Dogs and mice are generally gregarious, and they have a family concept, and dogs and mice will build their own homes, often dogs and mice dug out of the house are very comfortable, with a bathroom, a bedroom, and even a storage room. This kind of creature also maintains polygamy as we did in ancient times, often with one male and five females in a family. However, this kind of animal usually does not have any sexual behavior, they only mate after the estrus period.

However, the estrus time of dogs and mice in a year is only 4 to 5 hours. During the estrus time, a female mouse can often mate with as many as 5 males, and there may be four or five fathers in the mice born in one fetus. However, dogs and mice often treat children very harshly. When the newborn dog and mouse grow up to three years old, they will be driven out of the house and let it live and die on its own. And these dogs and mice were driven out in order to survive only to establish their own new families.

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