This is the punishment of prisoners in many countries, comparable to the ancient palace punishment!

In ancient China, people who wanted to enter the palace to serve the emperor had to go through a procedure, that is, purification. Clean body need to cut off male reproductive organs through operation, the main purpose is to prevent these men from having an affair with concubines in the palace, and also to make the blood of Royal offspring pure. In many countries, a popular means of punishment, mainly for some sexual assault criminals. So what makes male netizens associated with ancient palace punishment?

We call this kind of punishment chemical castration, as the name suggests, is the use of non-surgical methods. It is the use of a drug to make the criminal lose his sexual desire and function for a short time. The specific loss time depends on the time of taking the drug. Its scientific principle is that by injecting some drugs, the body starts to stop secreting androgen, making people lose their desire, or even don’t want to. This non desire makes it impossible for criminals to complete the whole process.

In addition to law enforcement, it is a way to punish criminals, in medicine, it is also a treatment program. For those who can’t control their lower body desires, they even voluntarily apply for this method to treat their diseases. Many criminals have been suffering because they can’t control their desires. After treatment, they respond well and say that even if they see women, they won’t have any impulse. In this way, they are very happy and find the hope of life again.

Although this method can reduce the crime rate, there is no guarantee that criminals will never commit again. Even from another perspective, although they are criminals, such punishment will cause psychological harm to them, and even lead to the psychological problems of hatred and self abandonment. Therefore, many countries are still neutral to this punishment method.

It’s hard and inhumane to take this drug for a lifetime if you want to make the criminal never be impulsive. It can only be said that this method can restrain their criminal ideas in a short time, give them a chance to reform, and make them walk out of the road of justice as soon as possible through psychological counseling.

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