This jellyfish seems to violate the laws of physics

According to foreign media reports, for scientists exploring the deepest part of the earth’s oceans, surprises are everywhere. It is not only a very difficult job to explore the seabed, but also the identity of many wild animals living in the deep sea is still unknown.

Teams like Nautilus often observe creatures that have never been recorded before. Earlier this month, they discovered a new jellyfish that seems to violate the laws of physics.

Considered a member of the deep-sea jellyfish clan, the jellyfish looked relatively normal at first. It had a soft pink body and organs at the top, but its work soon became strange.

The jellyfish’s flexible body swells many times its original size like a plastic bag floating in the water due to the influence of the current generated by the remote underwater detector. This flexibility allows it to feed on anything it catches.

A bright red object can be seen in the jellyfish’s body. In fact, it is a completely independent creature. This is a isopod, and it looks like it’s decided to make a home in the jellyfish.

Although scientists don’t know whether the connection between the two animals is symbiotic or not, isopods are still a parasite here, but this phenomenon is very common among members of the deep-sea Octopus clan.

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