This kind of “artificial ghost” on the bottom of the sea kills more than 100000 marine creatures every year!

Human beings have lived on the earth for more than 3 million years, while the ocean has been on the earth for more than 4.6 billion years. Before the development of human society, the ecological environment on the earth has been stable. With the development of human civilization, some convenient and fast supplies have sprung up. However, the disposal of used articles is not perfect, resulting in a lot of irreparable bad consequences.

In the second season of soul ferry, Zhao Li lied to the white snake in order to save Dongqing whom Bai Suzhen liked. Finally, he was seen by the white snake. Bai Suzhen stood on the bridge and yelled many times, but didn’t respond. After a while, he came to some “helpers” in the water. When he saw the White Snake, he said, “white lady, do you have any As we don’t know, water pollution in recent years has made it difficult for us to survive… ” It looks like a joke, but in fact it satirizes the human pollution of the ocean.

People who often use microblog must have seen many reports about marine animals such as turtles and whales. What impressed me most was that when a tortoise was young, it was wrapped with something, maybe rope or plastic ring. The tortoise didn’t get out of the sleeve at last. This thing grew with it. At last, when people saw it, it had been strangled into an “8” shape.

Star master’s Mermaid uses the legendary mermaid to talk about the problem of marine pollution sonar. Human low-frequency activities not only affect whales and other marine mammals, but also affect invertebrates such as octopus, which is a large population of marine organisms.

This year, marine pollution reports are increasing frequently. The area of the Pacific Garbage belt is nearly 3 million square kilometers, even more than that of India, forming a “garbage belt” as large as Texas, which is mainly made of plastics. The Pacific Ocean is not the only one with marine garbage. There is no ocean in the world that is not polluted. In the North Pacific, at least 30% of marine life will eat plastic, and some of these marine life that eat plastic and other garbage will come to the human table, and the ultimate victims are human beings themselves. At least 10 marine organisms die every year as a result of marine garbage around the world.

There is such a tear jerking scene in the documentary “blue planet II”. The newborn baby whale died of marine pollution, and the female whale refused to let go with her body for several days. Commentator David Attenborough said in the documentary that the baby whale’s death may be related to her mother’s poisonous milk.

There are many marine organisms suffering from pollution. In the vast universe, human beings are so small, but they produce many kinds of garbage, endangering the land, ocean and even the earth. In our home, we should set an example, start from small things, start from reusable plastic bags, reduce the investment of “Ocean ghost” and care for the health of the ocean.

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