This kind of bird can kill monkeys. After seeing it, it is scared. Its eyes are more cruel than the executioner’s

This bird is an ape eating eagle, also known as Philippine Eagle, which lives in the Philippines. It is the national bird of the Philippines and the second largest bird in the world. When scientists found this bird in the tropical jungle of SAMA island in the Philippines more than 100 years ago, they were deeply shocked by the ferocity of this bird.

And so far, due to the destruction of local vegetation, many tropical jungles have begun to have human footprints, resulting in the gradual reduction of the prey of this bird, which also began to prey on dogs, pigs and other livestock. The prey of ape eating eagle is not limited to “ape” or “monkey”. Many bats, rabbits, snakes and other birds are its prey.

Because this kind of bird is very fierce when pecking monkeys, it is also known as “monkey eating Eagle”. To tell you the truth, Xiaobian has always thought that birds eat rabbits, snakes, fish, or some saprophytic creatures similar to crows, but he didn’t expect to catch monkeys. Do you think this ape looks like a human to be slaughtered after being captured?

Xiaobian believes that, in fact, more people are curious about how this bird can kill such a huge ape? Some netizens speculated that it caught it high in the air and then dropped it to death; others speculated that it was a huge claw that directly killed it. What do you think?

The ape eating Eagle has a rough temperament. Behind its head, there are many spear shaped or willow leaf shaped crown feathers 9 cm long, yellow and spotted. When he is angry, these crowns are raised high in a semicircle, which is very frightening.

In the Washington Convention, ape eating eagles are listed as first-class protected animals. In the World Conservation Union, ape eating eagles are also listed in the 2012 red list of endangered species ver 3.1 – extremely dangerous (CR). In recent years, the local residents rely on natural resources to harvest and deforest, which leads to the gradual reduction of the living area of ape eating eagles. A pair of ape eating Eagles occupy more than 30-50 square kilometers. This habit, coupled with the decreasing vegetation, leads to less than 500 pairs of ape eating eagles. However, ape eating Eagles prefer to build their nests on the platform of trees about 30 meters high (this platform is generally formed by pteridophytes), which is difficult for human beings to set foot in, especially helpful for hunting and nesting. This kind of life also makes it difficult for human beings to get involved in their life.

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