This kind of Chinese beast, which makes the Americans feel frightened, has basically gained immortality

As a matter of fact, many of us know that the United States has been invaded by Asian carp. The large-scale reproduction of Asian carp in the United States has seriously threatened the local ecology, and can not be killed by poison, electricity or freezing. In fact, Asian carp not only includes “carp”, but also includes eight kinds of fish, such as black carp, grass carp, bighead carp, carp and silver carp. In fact, when Xiaobian saw the news about the biological invasion of Asian carp on the Internet, Xiaobian’s reaction was smiling.

When Xiaobian was a child, he should be in grade 3 or 4 of primary school. Xiaobian remembers very clearly that he lived in the Northeast countryside at that time and needed to make a fire in winter, otherwise it would be very cold. One winter, during the Spring Festival, I spent a whole week playing in my relatives’ home, but I didn’t go home for a week, which also led to the formation of ice in the fish tank. The two red crucian carp in the fish tank were like statues. Xiaobian thought they were dead, ha ha.

Later, my mother put the fish tank on the Kang (the Kang is the hottest place on the Kang in the Northeast countryside). At that time, my mother’s idea was that they could still live after melting the ice. As a result, my mother was busy forgetting this. Later… Later… According to my mother’s dictation, when she thought about it later, the water in the fish tank had begun to bubble, and the water was almost boiling (it’s estimated that it should be about 40-50 degrees centigrade now, it shouldn’t be very high), and the two fish turned white. That’s a pity. But when my mother took the fish tank off, after a period of time, the water returned to room temperature, the fish lived.

In fact, it’s really interesting for Xiao Bian to think about it now, and he often shares this interesting thing with his friends. This shows a truth. Our “Asian carp” is resistant to severe cold and high temperature. Recently, we heard that in order to solve the problem of Asian carp, the United States has spared no effort to use drugs or electricity, but none of them has been solved. Not only have not many Asian carp been killed, but local fish are dead everywhere.

Xiao Bian has always thought that these Asian carp are like our sacred animals. They are persistent in living in the United States, and they can’t kill or drive you away. They are torturing you. They have too long faces, don’t you think?

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