This kind of ferocious underwater animal appears in the release pool, and the Buddhist Pure earth turns into a purgatory

Nowadays, more and more people release all kinds of fish and shrimps or put them in the release pool of the temple for the sake of happiness and virtue. But there is such a release pool somewhere. Although there is a continuous stream of pilgrims releasing fish in the pool, there are fewer and fewer fish in it. What’s the reason?

To find out, the temple drained the water from the pool. It suddenly dawned that there were few fish left at the bottom of the pool, but there were several fierce beasts:

1. Black fish

Ferocious by nature, fecundity and great appetite! It can usually eat all the fish in a lake or pond. Friends who like fishing must know that the black fish is often the object of our Luya, usually using small fish or frogs as bait. When the black fish bites, it looks like a ferocious beast.

2. Brazilian turtle

Although the Brazilian turtle is known as the Brazilian turtle, it is not from Brazil. In fact, it comes from the Mississippi River Basin in the United States. In China, it is one of the invasive species. Although the Brazilian turtle is recorded as omnivore, it is found in domestic breeding that the Brazilian turtle is actually a carnivore, and the small fish, shrimp and broken meat can not escape its “magic mouth”

3. Crocodile turtle

Of course, the Brazilian turtle is nothing compared with it. Crocodile turtle, even the crocodile is said to have nothing to do with it. Crocodile turtle looks like a crocodile, like a combination of crocodile and turtle. It is extremely fierce and can easily bite off human fingers. It is also one of the species of ecological invasion.

I don’t know which pilgrim put these three creatures into the original ecological and harmonious release pool, because these three guys joined the second change purgatory. After that, although the fish will be released here, it is no longer “released”, but “pushed to hell”.

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