This kind of material is destroying the earth’s environment, with the amount reaching 5.2 trillion, so human beings should pay attention to it!

The development of science is a double-edged sword. Although our living standard has been greatly improved, human health is facing many threats. Some time ago, there was such a news that blew up the circle of friends, that is, the Research Report on baby bottles. It turns out that when baby bottles are washed at high temperature, a lot of micro plastics will be produced. These micro plastics are invisible to the naked eye. A large number of micro plastics will enter the baby’s body unconsciously. This phenomenon is really shocking.

Nowadays, plastic has penetrated into human life. In the streets, we can see all kinds of plastic products everywhere, but unexpectedly, the penetration of plastic to human has spread to the infant stage. From the beginning of the industrial revolution, mankind has entered the stage of science and technology. Although scientists have made many inventions that can lead us to a better living standard, some inventions are both love and hate, such as the plastic we are going to talk about today. Many scientists believe that if an invention can be prevented, they hope it will be plastic. Why do scientists say that? Is plastic really so magic?

Although plastic products are very common, it will take at least hundreds of years for plastics to completely decompose in nature. Although many countries advocate environmental protection, in some remote cities, we can still see piles of garbage everywhere, and there are a large number of plastic products on the sea sand beach. After a long time of irradiation, not only a lot of greenhouse gases will be released, but also a lot of micro plastics will be produced. Micro plastics can enter all kinds of organisms unconsciously.

Plastics situation

According to the data of scientists, 900 tons of waste plastics will enter the ocean every year. After these plastics enter the ocean, a large number of micro plastics will be formed. Antarctica is located at the southernmost side of the earth. In our opinion, it is a land without human destruction. However, scientists have also found micro plastic particles in the Antarctic Ocean. The permeability of micro plastic is far more terrible than human imagination. Scientists claim that there are about 5.2 trillion tiny plastic particles floating in the ocean on the earth. Together, these plastics will weigh 270000 tons.

A large number of micro plastics penetrate into the nature, and many organisms will inevitably eat plastics by mistake. With the progress of the food chain, human beings have reached the top of the food chain, so the ultimate victims are human beings themselves. Scientists have found many animal carcasses, such as fish and birds. Their stomachs contain a lot of plastic particles. If humans eat these animals by mistake, these plastics will accumulate in human bodies for a long time, which will inevitably affect our chemical system and eventually threaten life safety.

Many people thought that the earth was in a crisis of magic 100 years ago, because there was no such big invention. Now many countries have realized the seriousness of the problem, and some parts of our country have also implemented the plastic restriction order. Xiaobian thinks that if we want to completely eliminate this problem, we should rely on everyone’s self-consciousness. I don’t know what you think?

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