This man can hide from a rifle underwater

I believe that many people have seen the unique skills of the protagonists in films and TV works or martial arts novels. It’s nothing to say that they can fight against one hundred, and some can even dodge bullets in a fancy way. You must have seen a clip, that is, after the enemy fled into the water, the protagonist directly shot his head, and solved the battle cleanly. Can’t help but make people have a question, can the gun really produce great lethality to things in the water?

Most people’s understanding of guns is basically limited to TV and toys, especially some science fiction TV. As long as they have a gun in their hand, they can even kill all targets, which is exaggerated enough. Friends who really like military affairs should know that the efficiency of killing people with guns is extremely low. Sometimes when a war comes down, the bullets are empty and none of the targets are hit. Of course, here we mainly explore the lethal power of guns in the water.

Affected by the refraction of the water, it is many times more difficult to hit the target in the water than on the shore, which has reduced the threat of the gun. Then there is the influence of water resistance. The rendering of the film makes people have a great misunderstanding about the power of the gun and the resistance of water. In fact, the resistance of water is about 700 times that of air, which is a very exaggerated data.

One issue of “the terminator of rumors” is devoted to this experiment. In the program, the staff tested the actual power of pistols, shotguns and even rifles against underwater targets. But the experimental results are amazing, not to mention breaking through the underwater glass. The bullet even broke 3 meters underwater. This result is very unexpected. And the damage of the gun in the water is small and terrible, even can’t touch the target one meter away.

In this way, some scenes of hiding bullets under the water in the film are not made up, but those scenes of killing people everywhere in the water are the director’s real imagination. In order to present a stimulating visual effect to the audience, it is also painstaking.

In fact, from the fact that people are stunned when they fall from high altitude, and the plane’s diving and disintegration, we can see that the energy of water is beyond imagination. This article only represents the author’s point of view. If you have different opinions, please leave a message in the comment area below. Let’s explore more unknown secrets together.

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