This nature bomb is full of stench gas, but why can’t people help moving forward?

Have you heard the story of the whale explosion?

In 2014, a huge “leather ball” was found on the beach of trout River town in Newfoundland, Canada. It is the head of a blue whale, full of stench gas. These gases are spreading into the air through the holes on the “leather ball”, making the whole town smell like a seafood market that has not been cleaned all the year round.

The ball has reached more than 4 meters high, and the stench gas is still coming from inside. The town is getting more and more smelly. What’s more, the “ball” is very dangerous, and there will be a whale explosion at any time.

After the death of the blue whale, it should have sunk into the sea floor and become a whale colony. The whale colony will nourish countless crabs, fish, shrimp, anaerobic bacteria and other organisms on the sea floor. This is the last feedback of the blue whale to nature.

But the 60 ton blue whale did not sink to the bottom of the sea. Instead, it was stranded on the beach. In this way, it changed from a beautiful whale landing to a delicious whale explosion.

So why is there a whale explosion? What are the serious consequences of a whale explosion? To sum up, there are three points

First, after the whale dies, the bacteria in its body will continue to breed, producing a lot of methane, ammonia and other gases.

Second, the whale can easily dive hundreds of kilometers into the deep sea, which depends on its super compressive skin and muscle structure, which is still effective after its death. It’s just that after death, it’s used to fight the high-pressure gas produced by bacteria in the body.

Third, with the pressure-resistant skin, the continuous generation of gas, coupled with the huge size of the body, the whale explosion has become the largest biological and chemical weapons in nature. With a loud explosion, all kinds of rotten whale viscera, blood clots, bacteria, and a large amount of stench gas will be blasted far away.

50 years ago, for the first time in human history, the whale boom was broadcast live to the public. At that time, a sperm whale was stranded on the coast of Oregon. When it was found, it was dead and smelling. The coast was managed by the Oregon highway authority at the time, which was responsible for cleaning up the stinking giant.

Oregon officials asked the U.S. Navy for help. The Navy said: you see, countless seabirds and crabs are eating this big guy now, so you don’t have to find warships, trucks, cranes to clean it up. It’s too troublesome. I have a good idea, put on dynamite, blow it into powder directly and spread it all over the beach. This small piece of whale meat after being blown into powder is the favorite of seabirds and crabs. In a few days, nature can help you clean them up.

On hearing this, Oregon officials thought it was a good idea, and then went on to do it. Just in the past few days when the US Navy was preparing explosives, thousands of people came to watch, and the local media were also ready to broadcast live on the day of the next explosion.

However, after the explosion, the meat of the whale was scattered, and there was a “fat rain” in the sky, that is, the fat in the rotten whale was falling like rain, and all the people at the scene began to run around. They could not smell the smoke, but the stench of rotten fat.

However, the live broadcast was not interrupted, and something even more devastating happened. After the smoke of the gunfire cleared away, we found that the whale carcasses on the coast had not changed much, and they were still giant ones lying in the same place. It turns out that half a ton of dynamite just helps him to reduce fat artificially, and it’s still a model of women scattering flowers. Then, there was a situation on the highway 200 meters away. It turned out that the exploded whale fat hit all kinds of vehicles. A new car just bought by a retired military officer was completely destroyed by a huge fat.

Terrible things are still happening. It’s obvious that all crabs and seabirds are scared away by the blasting. Moreover, half a ton of saltpeter is mixed in the blasted whale fragments. Which seabird and crab would like to eat?

So, in the next few weeks, the administration officials had to go back to work, staring at the stench and cleaning up the beach, when the U.S. Navy had disappeared. At the end of the live broadcast, a reporter also said that in the future, this kind of whale stranding will certainly happen. We hope that people should not only remember what they should do, but also firmly remember what they should never do.

In 2013, in Faroe Islands off the coast of Denmark, scientists transported a dead whale from the coast to the experimental site. The operation of the scientists was very standard. They put on protective clothing, took a “40 meter long knife” and began to deal with the big guy who might explode at any time.

In just a few seconds, the processing action is very standard and smooth, but it is a little sudden. From discovery, to transportation, and then to treatment, it’s a one-stop process. This is the most standard operation method summarized by human beings at present.

Xiao Bian thinks that if you find a stranded whale on the coast, you must stay away from it, because it may explode at any time, and the power of the explosion will be very large, even seriously injuring the close-up onlookers.

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