This person has used experiments to prove that there are still “undead” who can communicate with you after being beheaded

There are often such sayings in ancient TV dramas as “a big scar on the head” and “no pain can be felt when the knife is sharpened quickly”. These two sayings are about the most “popular” method of death penalty in ancient times, decapitation. And is decapitation really like what people once said, no pain, death immediately?

Xiaobian used to live in the countryside. During the Spring Festival in the countryside, people always ate big geese (that is, geese, big geese seem to be in the northeast dialect). There must be someone like Xiaobian who saw adults kill big geese when he was a child. Press the goose’s head and neck on the cutting board, and then use an axe or a big knife to cut it off. At this time, the goose will not die immediately, but will struggle desperately. Usually, the adults will let go at the moment, and then the goose will run 20 or 30 meters away with its head on its back until it dies.

In fact, from then on, I would be very curious. Its head was cut off. Why didn’t it die immediately? Is it different from people’s body structure? For example, snakes are also the same. Sometimes, although we cut off the snake’s head, we think it’s dead, and the snake’s head will attack you when you don’t pay attention. Is it because of the difference in body structure between human and animal, or for some other reason?

As early as many years ago, chemist Lavoisier had done a “decapitation experiment” (this experiment must not be imitated). Although Ravasi was a great scientist, he was sent to the guillotine in the end, so he did the last experiment in his life. Before beheading, it had agreed with the executioner that if he had consciousness after beheading, he would blink until his consciousness disappeared. In the end, Lavoisier used 11 blinks after decapitation to get the experimental results, which proved that although people were decapitated, their consciousness would not disappear immediately.

There is another experiment from doctor baucio, who observed the beheaded prisoners and found that they would not die immediately after beheading, and their eyes and lips would move, and the movement would stop after a few seconds. When the doctor calls out his name again, the prisoner’s face reacts and sees him directly. After a few seconds, there is no response.

The death penalty has lasted for a long time in history, but it seems to have been abolished in modern times. This may be related to the discovery that people will not die immediately after being beheaded. After all, if people still have consciousness after being beheaded, beheading will become a terrible punishment.

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