This satellite has a thick atmosphere and a liquid ocean. There may be life

The earth is one of the eight planets in the solar system and the only planet with intelligent life. For more than half a century, scientists have never given up their exploration of extraterrestrial life. They believe that in such a vast universe, the earth can not be the only planet of life, and human beings can not be the only intelligent life. There may be intelligent life and civilization like human beings in a certain corner of the universe.

Although scientists want to know whether there are extraterrestrial life and civilization in the vast universe, due to the limitation of human science and technology, we still can’t cross the distance outside the solar system. We can only make long-distance fuzzy observation through astronomical telescopes. This kind of observation can find the existence of a galaxy, a star and an earth like planet, but it can’t make progress Is there any extraterrestrial life and civilization on a planet.

If we want to explore and discover whether there is extraterrestrial life on a certain planet, we still need to land or make close observation. Therefore, for today’s human beings, we still need to start from the solar system to find extraterrestrial life. Only the planets in the solar system can we hope to make close observation or even land exploration. So will there be extraterrestrial life in the solar system?

Scientists believe that the intelligent life in the solar system may only be human beings, but they do not rule out that there may be some low-level life on other planets. These life may exist in a special environment, which is completely different from life on earth. It is also possible that extraterrestrial life exists in the liquid ocean below the surface of the earth.

In addition to the earth, scientists have explored the other seven planets of the eight major planets in the solar system and found that they are less likely to have life. But when scientists explored several moons of Jupiter and Saturn, there was a planet that attracted scientists’ attention. This planet was Titan, also known as Titan.

Why can Titan attract the attention of scientists? It turns out that Titan has a thick atmosphere, and is the only satellite in the solar system with a thick atmosphere. Thick atmosphere is a necessary condition for the birth of life. If a planet does not have a thick atmosphere, the probability of the birth of life is almost zero.

Someone might say: can’t a planet without an atmosphere give birth to life? How important is a thick atmosphere? Of course, this is very important. The atmosphere is equivalent to the natural protective cover of a planet. We all know that the universe not only has a variety of very harmful rays, but also has a lot of restless asteroids. From time to time, they will break away from their own orbit and collide with other planets.

The thick atmosphere can effectively screen all kinds of rays from the universe, so that the planet’s surface can be protected from the invasion of cosmic rays, and the thick atmosphere can also effectively resist the impact of asteroids from space. When an asteroid enters the atmosphere, it will rub and burn. When it hits the ground, it will either disappear or become very small, if a planet does not have a thick atmosphere Even if it was born, it could not survive for a long time.

For a planet, the thick atmosphere can also bring about a circular ecological climate. There will be a virtuous cycle between the ground and the atmosphere, such as wind and rain on the earth. If there is no atmosphere, there will be no such phenomena. It is difficult for the planet to form a good survival system. Without a good survival system, it is impossible to give birth to life.

Titan is the second largest satellite in the solar system, with a diameter of 4828 km. It has a thick atmosphere, which protects the surface of the planet very well. What will happen under Titan’s thick atmosphere? Will there be life? Because Titan is not in the habitable zone, it is still a little far away from the sun, so the temperature above it is also very low.

Scientists believe that Titan’s surface is a cold world, and the ultra-low temperature makes Titan’s surface form liquid methane and ethane, and forms oceans and lakes. Titan will also rain, but the composition of the rain is not water, but nitrogen rain of hydrocarbons. Therefore, there is a large amount of liquid marine material on Titan’s surface, which can be seen from the observation of the detector.

It’s just that the components of these liquid substances are methane and ethane. We can imagine such a scene: there is a liquid ocean on the surface of Titan, which is very spectacular, but the composition of the ocean is not water, but methane and ethane. On our planet, liquid methane only exists in high-pressure tanks, while Titan exists in the form of a liquid ocean.

If it was in the past, when scientists were looking for extraterrestrial life, they liked to look for life on the earth as a template. However, after decades of exploration and research, human beings have more and more knowledge of life in the universe, and scientists have opened their minds to explore extraterrestrial life with a broader vision instead of limited to the life on the earth.

Scientists believe that the model of life on earth may be just one of the countless life models in the universe. Extraterrestrial life may be completely different from life on earth. As long as there is a thick atmosphere and a large number of liquid substances exist on the planet, there may be life. This liquid substance not only refers to water, but also may be composed of other substances.

Titan has a thick atmosphere, and there will be a large number of liquid oceans and lakes. Although the composition of the material is not water, but liquid methane, the existence of life in the methane ocean can not be ruled out. These special lives live in methane, which is completely different from life on earth. If we can find the existence of life in Titan’s liquid ocean in the future, it will completely subvert human’s cognition of extraterrestrial life, and it will be of epoch-making significance for human to explore extraterrestrial life.

Of course, it’s still a long way to go for humans to land on Titan and explore the methane ocean. It’s not easy to land on a strange planet with a thick atmosphere. However, it’s hard for scientists to overcome this difficulty. As long as they keep working hard, we believe that it won’t be long before human probes can land on Titan or even dive into the ocean, At that time, the mystery of Titan will be revealed, and the mystery of Titan’s life will also be revealed.

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