Thousands of people have witnessed illusions and wonders. Is it time travel or time distortion that seems to come from outside the world?

Mirage is a rare natural landscape. There are many reports about it. It is full of mystery. It appears not only in the sea, but also in the desert area. This has aroused scientists’ crazy pursuit and research, and also spawned a number of mirage enthusiasts.

Fanatics, like hunters, look for the traces of mirage, not only by the calm lake, but also by the rough sea, and even in the deserted desert. When people see mirage, they are excited and full of fear. Why?

People who have seen a mirage feel very excited at first, but the subconscious of human beings is afraid of it. Scientists say: people who have seen a mirage tell me that the houses and trees there are moving with the wind, and people in the street are moving.

Once, phantoms generally appeared in distant places. Due to the blurry outline, it was difficult for people to judge the location of phantoms. Some people said that phantoms came from other cosmic planets. I think it is impossible. I think it is some irreversible quantum changes in the air that project phantoms of parallel universes.

Of course, this is my joke. Although scientists have investigated the mirage found, they have not found the scene that matches this kind of scene, and these scenes do not belong to somewhere in our real life, which is hard to understand.

Illusions come and go without trace, and it is difficult to determine when they appear. People want to see illusions all by luck, but there are not a few lucky people. It was the Aegean Sea in 1945, and about 4800 people witnessed the illusions.

Some witnesses said that the ancient humans who saw the costume of Viking pirates in the mirage, we all know that the civilization of Viking era has long died out, so some scholars believe that mirage may also involve the mystery of time and space. Although the scientific explanation of mirage is the refraction and total reflection of light, so far, scientists still can’t explain why there are some mirages It doesn’t look like the real world.

The most famous one is “ghost snow tsunami”. This illusion scene takes place in the west of the United States. Witnesses said that the whole picture is not unchangeable, but just like when the tsunami happened, the huge waves are frantically beating on the rocks, and the tsunami flies towards people rapidly. The whole process is very terrifying. Then, with the change of the sun light, all these things slowly disappear.

Although human beings have some knowledge of illusion and space, no one can give a reasonable explanation for many strange scenes.

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