Thousands of years ago, Indians lit a fire under the waterfall. Why hasn’t it been extinguished?

There is a magic fire in the United States, which has been burning for thousands of years, but it is still burning. It is called “eternal fire”. It is located in a cave under a waterfall in the park of Liling county. Whether it is in severe winter or heat, whether it is in rainy season or dry season, even when the water volume of the waterfall increases sharply, the water flows rapidly, and the water splashes everywhere, the fire has never been affected Straight there, burning.

It is said that the eternal fire was ignited by the Indians. This fire used to be the fire on which they lived. And I don’t know why, after so many years, the fire hasn’t been put out. Some scientists once explained that there must be a continuous stream of combustible gas in this cave to ensure that the flame can burn all the time. This principle is similar to another “immortal flame” on the earth The gate of hell is the same. The gate of hell was ignited by geologists because they found an underground cave full of natural gas when drilling. In order to prevent the leakage of toxic gas, scientists ignited the natural gas flowing out of the cave. Unexpectedly, it has been 47 years since the fire was ignited. I can’t imagine how much natural gas there is It’s burning! However, researchers from the University of Indiana have refuted this view, because according to their observation, the temperature of the rock layer under the fire in the waterfall cave is very low, even equivalent to a cup of coffee in our hands. The rock layer is not old, and it does not have the conditions to release methane and other combustible gases, and they have not been able to find out the reason why the fire is immortal. Some people speculate that there are cracks in the rock below the waterfall, and there should be a certain amount of methane rich fossil fuels under the ground. They are gaseous and float to the ground through the cracks, forming biogas. The ignition point of biogas is very low, so it burns down like this. This speculation has also been denied by some scientists.

So the fire under the waterfall burns in the cave. According to the necessary factors of fire generation, people guess that there should be fuel continuously generated to keep the fire going. What is this fuel? How did it come into being? Are there any more secrets in the cave that people haven’t discovered? Hope to get a scientific answer as soon as possible one day!

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