Three billion years ago, Mars was full of vitality, and it was indistinguishable from the earth

Scientists have been trying to find a living planet outside the earth, but after years of exploration, they still haven’t found one. Obviously, from the perspective of the earth where we live, it is closely related to the environment of the earth itself that so much life can appear on this blue planet.

The origin of life in this process is not accidental, it is born in the liquid environment and suitable gas environment on earth. And as a planet that has existed for 4.6 billion years, nature has created a suitable environment for the emergence of human beings in the past two billion years. We know that all the water on the earth was absorbed by the surrounding planets a long time ago, and this blue planet appeared.

Therefore, in ancient times, the earth was also dry, when the planets active in the solar system were mostly vast oceans. The most typical one is Mars, which is a dry planet with endless sand dunes but no water resources. Obviously, the current environment can not breed life at all. Only three billion years ago, if there was life on Mars, it would have experienced a great change in the earth’s environment before it became so lifeless.

The reason for this is that when scientists were studying a crater on Mars, they found a great disaster 3 billion years ago. At that time, Mars had a lot of liquid water resources. It was an ocean planet like the earth now. An incredible thing happened in the process.

The disaster of planetary environment deterioration on Mars happened on it. A tsunami with a height of more than 100 meters directly erupted on Mars, which is the fundamental reason for the change of Martian environment. Subsequently, a large amount of liquid water on Mars turned into gas, entered the universe, was absorbed by other substances, and began to become a dry planet.

Therefore, when studying rocks on Mars at this stage, we can still find the huge tsunami of that year. If there is life on Mars, it must be the critical turning point of 3 billion years ago and become a lifeless area, which seems to be lucky for the earth, because there is no such exaggerated disaster baptism on the earth at present, except for the small earthquake tsunami once a year.

However, I don’t know what will happen in the future. Just like the dinosaurs occupying the earth, the sudden disaster makes them bid farewell to the earth completely, leaving a desolation. Therefore, the changes on the earth are huge variables, and no one can grasp. The extinction of these similar creatures is probably just a form of life replacement on the earth. After all, when all the life on the earth is destroyed, it is impossible for us to understand Suddenly disappear, as long as there is a suitable environment on the earth, then naturally there will be a new life, in this process, it is only a matter of time.

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