Three billion years ago, the earth was “hell”. Scientists found that Venus is the livable planet

In the vast universe, there are planets with similar environment to the earth, but this similarity, although thousands of miles away, people always give it good wishes.

Scientists believe that Venus and the earth are the most similar, so Venus may be a livable planet for human beings.

In 1978, NASA’s pioneer 12 spacecraft arrived at Venus. During the exploration, the spacecraft found signs of the ocean on the surface of Venus.

After that, scientists sent several spacecraft to Venus again to collect a lot of data about the earth’s surface and atmosphere.

Based on the data, scientists have revealed how Venus turned from a planet like Earth into a hellish place. Research shows that between two and three billion years after Venus was formed, there has been a livable environment enough to give birth to life.

Venus has a slightly different atmospheric structure from the earth.

Lightning and acid rain often appear in the atmosphere of Venus. In addition, by simulating the birth of the earth, scientists found that the earth experienced what Venus was experiencing.

But the surface temperature of Venus is very high, up to 500 degrees Celsius, several times the temperature of the earth. But scientists say such a high temperature does not necessarily mean there is no life.

Even some so-called scientists have actually captured buildings on the surface of Venus. Do you believe it?

In fact, scientists have found pyramids on Venus, which is outrageous. Even crazy scientists suspect that in ancient times, the earth was not suitable for human habitation, and Venus was the birthplace of human beings.

At that time, Venus may be more suitable for human survival than Earth. Venus has shown signs of life for a long time, as well as civilization and architecture. One fanatical scientist believes that people on earth at that time actually migrated from Venus.

Of course, some scientists strongly object to this view. They think that the sun is in middle age and its heat is relatively stable, so the temperature we feel when we live on the earth is acceptable.

In the early days, the heat of the sun was so high that Venus would not give birth to life because it was too hot. If so, Mars would be more suitable for breeding life.

Some Suns are stabilizing and the environment on Mars is deteriorating. Of course, all of this is the guess of scientists.

Science has not yet revealed the basic laws of the existence of the universe, only hypothesis exists. In the universe, the relationship between galaxies is an important entry point.

It can be said that there are no isolated galaxies in the universe, but it is not clear how galaxies or stars interact. So unless we understand the relationship between galaxies, we can’t explain why planets live or die.

There are different views on whether the earth is the origin of life. In the eyes of ordinary people, the earth is indeed the origin of life. According to the current science and technology, no one can prove that Venus is as livable as the earth, or Venus has life.

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