Three controversial people in history, suspected to be real walkers, left a number of advanced inventions!

Three controversial people in history, suspected to be real walkers, left a number of advanced inventions!

Scientists have conducted in-depth research on the issue of crossing time and space, and so far they have not achieved this goal in a real sense. Many sci-fi films have involved traversers, but the reality is reality after all, and no evidence of the existence of traversers has been found.

Crossing is not as simple as saying, it needs to have a lot of conditions. However, there are three people in history who may have been real walkers. They are highly controversial in the scientific community. Who are the three? Three controversial people in history, suspected to be real walkers, left a number of advanced inventions!

Three highly controversial walkers

First of all, Nicolas Tesla. Tesla has been a genius since he was a child. He sleeps only two hours a day and has more than 1000 inventions by himself. He is proficient in the languages of various countries. Even the inventions he left behind are quite advanced, such as radio, alternating current, remote control robot, Internet and so on. These are increasingly realized. Because his inventions are too advanced, no one takes them seriously until now Only after that did some people begin to doubt his identity. More and more people adore him and even think that he is not an earth man, but an alien from space.

The second is Wang Mang. Wang Mang’s controversial voice in the industry is very high, and his conspiracy to usurp power is really treason. His talent is generally acknowledged. During his reign, he put forward a number of favorable policies. One is that private business is not allowed. The other is that each couple is divided into 100 mu of land, which can be redistributed. The third is to freeze slavery, which are more humanized policies. His policy is highly similar to today’s socialist policy. Even the bronze caliper he invented is almost the same as the vernier caliper now. As a man more than 2000 years ago, it is quite rare that he can have such an advanced idea. Maybe he is an inventor who came through. Even in ancient times, he can play his role.

The last one is Leonardo da Vinci, who is not only a painter, but also a sculptor and architect. He is quite accomplished in many aspects. In addition to his famous painting Mona Lisa, he also developed underwater breathing apparatus, reverse helix and other things, which were very advanced at that time. Not only that, he also had a detailed study of birds, and planned several flying machines. In his time, these ideas were beyond ordinary people, which was incredible. Although he died, he left too many inventions, which were beneficial to future generations.

The inventions left by these three people in history have benefited future generations. From a scientific point of view, it is rare for them to produce such advanced technology at that time, which has aroused many people’s doubts. Do they already have the ability to predict the future? In fact, they are walkers. It’s hard for scientists to make a decision because there is no definite evidence. What’s certain is that their contributions to today’s society can’t be explained in a word. Such great deeds deserve everyone’s praise. Do you think they really came across? You can leave a message for interaction.

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