Three “high rating” mobile phones, choose one randomly from here, and don’t regret using it for three or four years!

I believe everyone has found a problem, that is, the price of smart phones is becoming more and more expensive. To take a very simple example, many years ago, it was once considered as the most cost-effective Xiaomi mobile phone. This year, the price of Xiaomi 10 series has also broken through to about 4000 yuan. Although it has changed from cost-effective to high-end mobile phones, it is really helpful for the development of Xiaomi It’s good, but for most rice noodles, it’s definitely unacceptable in a short time.

Moreover, it is not difficult for us to find that most models released in the market support 5g network recently. Although 5g mobile phone is an inevitable development trend, many people think that 4G mobile phone still has great use value at this stage. Today, Xiaobian is going to share with you some highly praised mobile phones, including 4G mobile phones and 5g mobile phones. If you choose one, you will have no problem in using it for three or four years.

The first mobile phone is vivo Z6, which is the most cost-effective 5g mobile phone in the current market. It is equipped with snapdragon 765G processor. As the most popular mid-range processor in the current market, I believe you are very clear about its performance and power consumption. In addition to the advantages of the processor, it is also a big selling point of vivo Z6 in terms of battery life. The capacity reaches 5000 Ma, and it is equipped with 44w fast charging, which is even more powerful than some flagship mobile phones. Moreover, through the user evaluation of some third-party platforms, we can see that most people give good comments, and it is difficult to find an obvious short board.

The second mobile phone is Xiaomi 10. Although the price of Xiaomi 10 series is indeed much higher than that of the previous Xiaomi digital series, people who know about this mobile phone also know that it has made a great improvement in quality. Xiaomi 10 has 100 million pixels, and the imaging quality is certainly very good. With the blessing of Xiaolong 865 processor, Xiaomi 10’s performance has been greatly improved The result is about 580000, and you certainly don’t need to worry about the performance. Coupled with the ultra-high fluency of Xiaomi MIUI system, it doesn’t get stuck at all. Even after three or four years of continuous use, there should be no problem in fluency.

The third mobile phone is the glory 20s. Although it doesn’t support 5g network, its performance in other aspects has indeed been recognized by many consumers. The performance and power consumption of the Kirin 810 processor are highly praised, especially the AI score is the first in the world.

Although the Kirin 810 is just a mid-range processor, it’s still no problem to play games. Many netizens think that the only disadvantage of the glory 20s mobile phone is that it doesn’t support 5g network. If it supports 5g network, the sales volume of the mobile phone will be many times more than that of the current one. So do you know which mobile phone has a high praise rate?

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