Three kinds of creatures, especially the second one, have been extinct for only 27 years!

Three kinds of creatures, especially the second one, have been extinct for only 27 years!

In the earth’s 4.6 billion year history, countless species have been born. They have their own characteristics. During this period, they have experienced five mass extinctions. The extinction causes of each species are different. Some organisms are eliminated because they are unable to adapt to the environment, and some encounter their own natural enemies. They can do nothing in the face of natural enemies, and the only outcome is to disappear.

In addition to the environment and natural enemies, human hunting is also extremely bad. Compared with many prehistoric animals, the survival time of human beings is far less than that of many prehistoric animals. Human beings are mainly superior to the brain. They have intelligent brain, can produce consciousness, and can create products through their hands. Even if animals have huge bodies, human beings can use the advantage of wisdom to defeat them. There are many creatures because the meat is so delicious that human beings can’t stand the temptation, so they are hunted and killed wantonly, resulting in the tragedy of extinction. Among them, three kinds of creatures are eaten and extinct by human beings. Three kinds of creatures, especially the second one, have been extinct for only 27 years!

Three kinds of creatures that have been eaten to extinction by human beings

First of all, the first is the North American migratory pigeon. It is a kind of gregarious animal. It usually flies in line in the sky. When it moves south, groups of North American migratory pigeons will hover in the sky, forming a magnificent scene. At one time, its number was more than 5 billion. One day, when human beings tasted its delicious meat, they could not help hunting it. Its nightmare really began. Until 1914, it was completely extinct.

The second is the Stella manatee. Many people have heard of this creature. At that time, it lived in the komandore islands, where it was carefree. It had no natural enemies and had no strong lethality. Due to the human being’s invasion of this area by mistake, in the case of food shortage, a man chose to kill the Stella manatee. When he ate delicious meat, he was completely conquered by it and could not be forgotten for a long time. After they were rescued, they told the local people the delicious taste of Stella manatee, which attracted countless people to hunt it. In just 27 years, it disappeared from the earth.

The last one is rhinoceros in China. Rhinoceros horn is the most impressive. It is said that its horn has magical effect. Therefore, human beings are eager to use its horn as medicinal material, so they carry out bad hunting activities. Maybe many people think that rhinoceros is not extinct, and they can still be seen in many zoos. In fact, these rhinoceros are not from China, but imported. Because of human selfishness, Chinese rhinoceros can only go extinct in the end.

These three kinds of creatures are originally a member of nature and live carefree. They neither do anything harmful to nature nor disturb human life. However, human beings hunt them wantonly because of their own selfish desires. As far as human beings are concerned, they can be used as both delicious food and effective medicinal materials. This naked temptation is hard to resist, which leads to their tragedy. What do you think of these three extinct creatures? You can leave a message for interaction.

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