Three kinds of creatures that are often ignored, life can be infinite cycle, but too much sacrifice!

Three kinds of creatures that are often ignored, life can be infinite cycle, but too much sacrifice!

Both human beings hundreds of years ago and modern people have a great dream, that is to live forever. Since the improvement of science and technology, high-tech products such as computers and televisions have finally appeared. Almost everyone has seen journey to the west, which mainly describes the hardships experienced by the four Tang monks and disciples in order to learn from the West. In fact, there is a fuse, which is to catch Tang monk. As long as you eat Tang Monk’s meat, you can live forever. Who can resist such temptation? Fortunately, his apprentice had great powers, so he helped Tang monk to learn the Sutra successfully.

After seeing journey to the west, we can’t help thinking, is there really Tang Monk meat in the world? Even if there is, we may not be able to eat it. What’s more, life, aging, illness and death are the eternal laws of nature. If we want to achieve immortality, we have to change our lives against heaven. If we want to prolong our life, we can only make ourselves live longer by means of health preservation. So far, human beings have been unable to change this fate and will eventually die. However, we ignore the creatures in nature. Three of them have already had unlimited life. What are they? Three kinds of creatures that are often ignored, life can be infinite cycle, but too much sacrifice!

Three creatures with infinite life

The first is jellyfish. Jellyfish is a kind of mollusk, its life is always in the youngest and most vigorous moment. Theoretically speaking, it has unlimited life, and its lethality is not strong enough. Most of them eat some small fish and shrimp to maintain. In fact, it is very fragile. Sometimes it will die directly because of the stimulation of the external environment. Even if it has unlimited life, it will also die in the face of external attacks.

The second is the tortoise on land. Tortoise’s life is very long, it has a hard shell, life is extremely lonely, no friends, mostly alone. After living for so many years, it has seen life, old age, sickness and death, and its owner has died. It is still alive and easy to keep. For example, this kind of creature that has already violated the laws of nature, it is not easy to live. It has sacrificed friends to have such a long life.

The last one is Taisui. Taisui is a kind of lower creature, neither belonging to plants, nor animals, nor fungi. It can’t think or act, but it has infinite life. It is said that even if they are divided into many parts, they can exist in the form of individuals, but this long life can’t bring happiness to it.

Theoretically speaking, these three creatures have achieved immortality, but they have sacrificed too much. Nature has always followed the law of birth, aging, illness and death. If they violate the law of nature, they will not end well. Although these three creatures have infinite life, they are also very lonely in this world. Even if human beings have eternal life now, they may not be lucky blessing. Don’t worry about immortality. It’s the most important thing to live a good life in the present. In your limited life, you can create value and live a wonderful life. Only in this way can you live a life in vain. What do you think of immortality? You can leave a message for interaction.

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