Three of Einstein’s seven predictions have not yet come true, one of which is expected by mankind

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In a short period of hundreds of years, human beings can achieve a leap in science and technology. We should most thank those great scientists. The road of science and technology is inseparable from the efforts of scientists, but the number of scientists can not lead the science and technology of human civilization to achieve a qualitative leap. It is often the most talented scientists in a century who can really make a qualitative leap in human science and technology.

It is not long for human beings to enter the era of science and technology, only about 300 years. In the short hundreds of years, countless scientists are working hard for the development of human beings, but there are very few great scientists. It can be said that only a few great scientists appear every hundred years or so. Who is the number one great scientist in the history of science for hundreds of years?

Speaking of great scientists, many people will think of Newton, Einstein, Edison, Tesla and so on. Among these great scientists, who has made the greatest contribution to mankind and who can be called the first of them? Britain once did a related great scientist vote, through people’s vote, finally got a ranking, and ranked first is Einstein, who we are all familiar with.

Speaking of Einstein, I believe that as long as he is a little interested in science, no one does not know him. Einstein was a great scientist 100 years ago. His greatness lies in two aspects: one is the theory of relativity, which has a far-reaching influence on human beings, and the other is the famous mass energy equation.

Relativity reveals the direction of space-time exploration. With the guidance of relativity, we can continue to explore the mysteries of the universe. Whether human beings can become a powerful interstellar civilization in the future may depend on the theoretical guidance of relativity to a great extent. Without the guidance of the theory of relativity, mankind may not have the speed of space exploration.

The mass energy equation reveals the relationship between matter and energy. Our world is a material world, and the material world is transformed from energy. Through the theoretical guidance of this mass energy equation, we can continuously uncover the essence of matter, the essence of the world, and finally uncover the mystery of life, the mystery of the universe. This shows how great Einstein was.

Every great scientist likes to predict some things in the future. Naturally, Einstein is also vulgar. In his life, he made many predictions directly or indirectly. However, Einstein’s predictions are very different from those of other scientists. Many predictions of other scientists can not be realized in the future, and they are often predictions of the sky.

Einstein’s predictions are based on his huge amount of knowledge, after rigorous scientific analysis. So, Einstein’s prediction accuracy is very high, at least so far, many of his predictions have been confirmed, such as black holes, gravitational waves and so on. It is precisely because of the high accuracy of his predictions more than 100 years ago that Einstein’s unfulfilled predictions have attracted more attention in the scientific community.

Einstein has seven famous predictions, four of which have been confirmed, and three of which have not been realized. The four predictions that have been confirmed by experiments are: curvature of space-time, cosmological constant, microgravity lens and Bose Einstein condensation. Of the three predictions that have not yet been confirmed, two are very worrying and the other is very expectant. Let’s take a look at these three predictions with friends.

1、 The earth is likely to be destroyed in 2060. There are many predictions about the end of the world, such as the Mayan 2012 doomsday prediction known by friends, but this prediction did not come true in the end. In folklore, there are also many prophecies about the end of the world, and Hawking, a famous modern physicist, once predicted that the earth might come to an end in hundreds of years.

Einstein once wrote in his manuscript that in 2060, the earth may usher in a great disaster. In this great disaster, the earth’s ecology will collapse, the mass extinction will appear, and human civilization may end. So what kind of disaster is it?

Hawking’s Doomsday prediction about the future of the earth mainly refers to that human industrial activities will completely destroy the earth’s ecological environment in the future, make the earth’s ecological deterioration and collapse, and lead to the end of the earth. Einstein’s prediction of 2060 major disaster does not mean the collapse of the ecological environment, but refers to the possible nuclear war.

I believe many friends know that the greatest contribution to the end of World War II is actually the atomic bomb. Without the explosion of the atomic bomb, World War II may not have ended earlier, and it may last for some time. The explosion of the atomic bomb also makes people feel deep fear. This kind of devastating and terrible weapon is like opening the forbidden zone of God, which may bring unknown risks to human civilization.

The successful development of atomic bomb is inseparable from the theoretical guidance of Einstein’s mass energy equation. Einstein was well aware of the horror of nuclear bombs and the greedy nature of human beings. The whole history of human civilization has lasted for tens of thousands of years. In the long history of civilization, there have been many wars of different sizes.

Therefore, the history of human civilization can also be called a history of war. For the sake of resources, land and other things, human beings can launch wars at any time. Although it is a time of peace, the possibility of another world war in the future is very high because of resources.

Before the emergence of nuclear weapons, the war of human civilization will destroy the ecology at most. However, after the birth of nuclear weapons, if there is another world war, it will eventually become a nuclear war. We should know that with the current nuclear bomb reserves of the earth, although we can’t blow up the earth, we can completely destroy the earth’s ecology and make the earth a desolate and lifeless planet.

2、 The disappearance of bees may lead to the extinction of human beings in four years. This prediction is also mentioned by Einstein in a manuscript. It may be said that how can the disappearance of small bees lead to the extinction of human beings, the overlord of the earth? It’s too high for bees. So is the little bee really so simple? Of course not.

As we all know, the ecological chain of the earth is ring by ring, and the rupture of any chain may bring a devastating blow to the whole ecosystem. Although bees are small, they are very important in the whole ecological chain. Why do you say that? I believe many friends know that pollination is indispensable for the growth and reproduction of plants.

Most plants cannot pollinate by themselves. They need help from outside. There are mainly two kinds of outside help. One is the ubiquitous wind, which is the power of nature. Another is to rely on hard-working bees, if there is no bees, then more than 1000 kinds of plants in nature will disappear because there is no pollinator.

This is not to underestimate the extinction of more than 1000 species of plants. Their extinction may lead to the rupture of other ecological chains and the collapse of the whole ecological chain. The reason why the earth can have an environment suitable for life is that it has a relatively complete and perfect ecological chain. If this ecological chain collapses, the earth will become a desolate planet like Mars.

3、 The existence of wormholes, I believe many friends know that black holes, it is Einstein according to the theory of relativity predicted a kind of cosmic objects. The existence of black holes has been confirmed by scientists, and the first real picture of human black holes was released last year. In addition to black holes, Einstein also predicted a kind of hole, that is wormhole.

Wormhole is also known as “Einstein Rosen bridge”, which is proposed by Einstein and mathematician Rosen. It is also a kind of hole that may exist in theory according to the theory of relativity. Black hole is the most terrible and powerful celestial body in the universe. It is the destroyer of all materials and celestial bodies. If there is a black hole in any stellar system, it means that the stellar system is basically finished.

Wormhole is different. It is a kind of hole that human beings are looking forward to. Wormhole has another name, which is the time-space tunnel. Through it, we can quickly reach every corner of the universe. Einstein believed that there may be a kind of space-time tube in our universe that can connect remote space-time, that is, “wormhole”. In theory, we can make space transfer and time travel through wormholes.

If the wormhole in the theoretical conjecture really exists, it is of great significance for human civilization to explore the universe. As we all know, according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the fastest speed of a mass object can only be infinitely close to the speed of light, and even a photon without mass can only reach the speed of light. If so, there will be no hope for human beings to explore the universe and travel all over the universe.

Flying at the speed of light, we can’t even travel all over the galaxy, let alone explore the mysteries of the universe. However, the proposal of wormhole gives us hope. If there is a wormhole in our solar system, we don’t have to worry that the speed of the spacecraft is not fast enough to get out of the solar system. We can easily reach the depths of the universe through wormholes and explore more mysteries of the universe.

Of the above three unfulfilled Einstein predictions, we naturally do not want to realize the first two. But sometimes things don’t work out as we wish. If Einstein’s prediction success rate is 100%, then we really need to think about the future of the earth and human beings. Only technology can change all this. As long as we become an interstellar civilization and prove the existence of wormhole earlier, interstellar navigation and interstellar migration will no longer be a dream.

At that time, even if the earth ushered in a devastating disaster, human civilization was able to live on other planets without worrying about the end of human civilization. Science and technology can change the fate of the earth, as well as the fate of mankind. We just hope that the first two predictions can happen again after the third prediction is realized.

Guys, what do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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