Three scientists whose organs were stolen, Einstein lost brain, what he was stolen was “soul”!

Three scientists whose organs were stolen, Einstein lost brain, what he was stolen was “soul”!

Many great scientists have emerged in history. They have devoted their lives to science. The most important thing is to leave behind many inventions and put forward many theories to provide more ideas for future generations. When it comes to the great men of science, many people’s first reaction is nothing more than Einstein, Hawking and so on. They have amazing wisdom and leave too much precious wealth.

Everyone must have heard of a pronoun, that is celebrity effect. Many people will not hesitate to start with the products used by famous stars under the influence of worship psychology. In fact, it’s not really like this thing, but the psychology of worship. Many cosmetics are big brands. With the endorsement of famous stars, many people are eager to buy them. In addition to these things, many people begin to collect scientists’ organs under the influence of celebrity effect. Many people think that organ collection is ridiculous and totally disrespectful to scientists. However, there have been many cases of organ theft of scientists in history. Three scientists whose organs were stolen, Einstein lost brain, what he was stolen was “soul”!

In 1995, Einstein made a will before that. At that time, his body must be cremated and buried. Thomas stozharvey, the medical expert in charge of the body, stole Einstein’s eyes and brain while dissecting his body, and sliced many of his organs. He felt that it was a pity to cremate Einstein directly, which was a great pity for human beings Facing the pressure of public opinion, he preserved Einstein’s organs for more than 40 years. I didn’t expect that these organs would eventually become souvenirs.

In addition, Edison was also a famous scientist. The electric light he invented brought benefits to future generations. At that time, Edison was collected by Ford, the car king, when he had only one breath left. In Ford’s eyes, Edison’s soul would always stay in the ventilator, and his last breath was equivalent to his soul, which had never disappeared in the world. Many people think it’s not true Often strange, in fact, this is also a kind of memory of Edison. Finally, Galileo’s finger.

Galileo, as a great physicist, made outstanding contributions to the field of physics. Before he was buried, some people stole his three fingers and a rib. Until 2009, an art collector found Galileo’s finger. So far, his organs are still in the museum.

These are the great celebrities in the world. They leave precious wealth for the world. Many people collect their organs, but they have no other ideas. They just feel that it’s too regrettable to cremate them directly. It’s better to keep their organs. Maybe we can find more different surprises through research. Their contribution to the scientific community is not clear in a few words. What do you think of these scientists? You can leave a message for interaction.

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