Three strange places on the earth, frequent cases of disappearance, almost no one dares to go!

Three strange places on the earth, frequent cases of disappearance, almost no one dares to go!

Since the birth of the earth, countless lives have been bred. They form different civilizations and have evolved into countless branches, embellishing the earth with more colorful colors. In the earth’s 4.6 billion year history, we don’t know what happened during that period. Everything is only in human speculation, and it is often judged by ancient architectural fossils or geological strata.

With the joint efforts of all of us, many problems have been solved. At the same time, many regions have become the unsolved mysteries of the world. Some strange things always happen. There is a magic force to lead human beings to explore. They are both expecting and afraid. Among the many unsolved mysteries, there are three areas where few people dare to go. There are often things that can not be explained by science. What are the places? Three strange places on the earth, frequent cases of disappearance, almost no one dares to go!

Three areas nobody dares to go to

The first is Bermuda delta, also known as the devil’s Delta. This sea area is quite large. People can’t see the sun and stars with their eyes. There are frequent reports of crew members and ships missing here, and even airplanes flying in the air often crash. What is most puzzling is that no trace can be found in the search for these disappeared ships and planes, and various cases of disappearance occur frequently. Although scientists have made a variety of conjectures, these conjectures have no scientific basis, they are just people’s conjectures.

The second is the Egyptian pyramid. For a long time, it has been crowned with a mysterious veil, and the curse of the Pharaons has been spread among the people. It has a great connection with the pyramids. According to calculation, the height of the pyramids multiplied by 10 to the ninth power is equivalent to the distance between the earth and the sun. In addition, the vertical parallel lines of the square on the bottom can be extended infinitely, which happens to be the meridian of the earth. It divides the earth into oceans and lands. We have to admire the wisdom of the Egyptians to create such advanced products.

Finally, the Wawushan enchanted Taipa. It is located in China’s Sichuan region. It is said that the terrain here is complex. If you enter here by mistake, your watch and mobile phone will lose their signal. Some researchers have used pigeons to guide the way. Pigeons not only didn’t lead in, but also seemed to get lost and couldn’t find the direction at all. There are always some strange cases of disappearances here, and different explanations are circulating. Some people think it’s the abnormal magnetic field, others think it’s the enchantment array. As long as there are creatures entering, they will lose their sense of direction and eventually die in this area.

It has to be said that these are known as the forbidden areas of human beings, which are both frightening and impulsive to explore. For everyone, life is precious. Only once, anyone who explores anything should ensure their own safety. This is also the main reason why no one dares to go to these three places so far. Because there is no manipulator behind, few people rush to protect their lives. Even if there are, they will prepare for the worst. At least they should have enough high technology to defend themselves against any problems. Which of these three places is known as the forbidden zone for human beings do you fear most? You can leave a message for interaction.

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