Through hypnosis, psychiatrists enter the students’ subconscious and discover the teacher’s amazing secret

In 2014, a film about hypnosis was released in China. I believe many people contributed their tickets to the film. This film is called hypnotist. With the popularity of this film, more and more people begin to pay attention to hypnosis. Now hypnosis has been widely used in psychotherapy, medicine, crime detection and sports.

In a primary school in Zhejiang Province, there was a sixth grader who vomited frequently for a period of time, but the gastroenterologist did not find any problem after diagnosis. Later, I went to see a psychiatrist. After asking about the time of vomiting, it stopped on Friday night and began to attack on Sunday night. The doctor thinks it has something to do with the children’s school time. Then the child was hypnotized, into the child’s subconscious. Later, the doctor learned that the child studied very well and was still the monitor. Once, the child’s deskmate was beaten by the head teacher because he was too naughty. The child was disgusted in his heart, but because he was the monitor, he didn’t realize it. But the disgust of the head teacher’s corporal punishment of students has not been eliminated, accumulated in the subconscious, and reflected through the body, that is, vomiting behavior.

The subconscious is equivalent to a hard disk in our human brain, which is used to store information and memory. But this hard disk is not commonly used, people will not often remember the things in it, but it will unconsciously affect our behavior. There is an old Chinese saying that once bitten by a snake for ten years, it is actually the subconscious reason.

Hypnosis is actually a series of hints given by hypnotists to the hypnotized to wake up some experiences and behaviors in the subconscious of the hypnotized. And can give instructions to the hypnotized. Can someone also ask, so you can know that the hypnotized do anything? No, although the hypnotist can give orders to the hypnotized, it also needs the subconscious cooperation of the hypnotized.

And what happens in the process of being hypnotized will be remembered when the hypnotist wakes up. Hypnotists are also divided into high hypnotist and low hypnotist, and the hypnotist should fully trust the hypnotist to be hypnotized.

Hypnosis has now been more and more known and recognized, and the development prospect is also very broad, has been applied to more fields. So like the little partner can try to see if you can do a hypnotist Oh!

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