“Tianwen-1” successfully launched, Qinghai this place fire, known as the “Mars camp”!

China’s Mars probe tianwen-1 was successfully launched, followed by the US probe!


The ancients disliked Mars very much, because they thought that the change of the trajectory of Mars and the uncertainty of its brightness led to the occurrence of natural disasters on the earth. In ancient Greek mythology, Mars was regarded as the God of war, and in astronomy, Mars was the symbol of disaster demon. It is this planet that was not favored by the ancients, but now it has become the target for all countries to land, because this planet is likely to become the next refuge for mankind.


Among the many planets, it is the only one that meets the requirements of human beings. Although the temperature on Mars is relatively low, which can reach minus 55 degrees Celsius, the equatorial temperature of Mars at noon is about 20 degrees Celsius, which is similar to the temperature of the earth. Here, like the earth, there are four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. The operation law is almost similar to that of the earth. Curiosity is landing on fire After the star, it was also found in Martian soil, the existence of water, organic matter, methane and other gases in rocks.


Problems in landing on Mars


Even though Mars has become the target of all countries, the exploration of Mars is not easy. The first is the launch time selected after the completion of the assembly of the probe. The best launch time will appear every 26 months, because at this time, the sun, earth and Mars are at the same level, which means that the distance between the earth and Mars will be the closest, the fuel consumption will be less, and the flight distance will be closer. The second point is that the earth is too far away from Mars. With the launch of the probe, the flight distance becomes farther and farther, and the time to send back the signal becomes longer and longer. It is easy to cause delay and some data calculation and judgment.


After the successful landing on Mars, the terrain, atmosphere and climate change on Mars will also bring some difficulties to the probe, where the atmosphere is thin, the terrain is rugged, and often accompanied by dust storms. The operation of this detector brings some resistance. So far, only 24 probes have been successfully launched, while only eight have actually landed on Mars. We can see how difficult it is to successfully land on Mars.


China’s tianwen-1 probe has been launched, and the instrument has realized three steps of orbit flying, soft landing and inspection. This is a bold attempt and breakthrough for the global space history, which will become a miracle in China’s space history.


After its launch, tianwen-1 will fly for more than seven months. In February 2021, it will be captured by the gravity of Mars and enter a predetermined orbit. Two months later, tianwen-1 will have a soft landing on Mars. Tianwen-1 is accompanied by the United Arab Emirates’ hope Mars probe and the United States’ willpower, which are waiting to be launched. There will be another upsurge of Mars exploration in space history. This time astronomy-1 is ready to go, and Mars camp in Qinghai province once went on a hot search, because the environment here is very similar to that of Mars, and it has a unique Yadan landform. Many Mars experiments are completed here. What do you think of this?

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