Tiger is regarded as the enemy of the beast, the lethality is not covered, few people have seen!

Tiger is regarded as the enemy of the beast, the lethality is not covered, few people have seen!


The earth is the most special planet in the universe. It has abundant resources and sunshine inside. The most important thing is that the environment is suitable, which breeds countless creatures. Human beings have been on the earth for millions of years. With the change of society, the living environment is also changing imperceptibly. Many fantasies have gradually come true. Many creatures are different. They have no human brain and can’t tell through language. Often, changes in the environment will lead to their demise. However, some creatures are determined to survive and forced to change their body functions. Only in this way can they survive on the earth.


In ancient literature, there once appeared a kind of god beast. This kind of god beast is so powerful that even the tiger appears weak in front of it. So what kind of animal is it? It is Biao. Many people don’t know what Biao looks like. There is an idiom called dragon, tiger, Biao and leopard. It has appeared in many literary works, but human beings have never seen it. In ancient times, it is said that tiger and Biao are closely related by blood, but there is a feud between them. Why? Tiger is regarded as the enemy of the beast, the lethality is not covered, few people have seen!


When a tiger gives birth to a child, it often gives birth to a third tiger, which is Biao. Generally speaking, a tiger only pays attention to the first two children, and the third child appears weak. On the one hand, it looks quite different from a tiger, with brown fur and no black stripes on its skin. When a female tiger sees such a tiger, she will subconsciously think that it is not a tiger They are not its children, so they will not feed them at all. They will even drive them away and abandon them in the wild.


Biao lives a very hard life. Due to the numerous natural enemies of tigers, Biao, who has been abandoned since childhood, has become the object of bullying by other animals. In order to survive, it can only adapt to the environment, and only a few of them survive. In such a miserable environment, its heart is full of hatred for the tiger. If it can survive, it will regard the tiger as its biggest enemy and kill it. No one thought that there was such a relationship between Biao and tiger.


Many people think that these are just rumors. After all, no one has ever seen the existence of Biao. However, there is a kind of creature that is very similar to Biao’s appearance. That is the Asian golden cat. Its combat effectiveness is amazing. Many people often compare it with cats, but its weight is much larger.


In addition to going out for activities, Asian golden cats generally live alone. They have sensitive actions, fixed activity areas, and excellent hearing and vision. Even the slightest sound can be heard. However, compared with tigers, tigers are definitely more effective. Humans can only find creatures similar to Biao, and can’t confirm whether Biao really exists. Maybe it’s just a product of human imagination. What’s your understanding of tiger and Biao? You can leave a message for interaction.

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