“Time and space traverser”? What prophecies have future people who are far away than KFK left to mankind?

Crossing time and space and prophecy are the abilities that many people are eager to possess. At the present level of human science and technology, they can only stop at the theoretical level. There are also many so-called forecasters on the Internet, who have made predictions about the earth. In China, there was also a so-called time and space traveler, whose name was xr21, far away from KFK who claimed to be from 2060.


“Time and space traverser” appeared?


Xr21 first appeared in 2009, leaving a paragraph on a forum in China, claiming that due to the earth’s factors, organisms may disappear in 2030. According to the current development situation, this matter has been postponed. Many people question xr21. Why did it appear in 2009 and come to earth? He said that in the distant past, at the beginning of the formation of the universe, a desolate universe gave birth to the first batch of intelligent life. This batch of intelligent life developed very rapidly and soon began to explore the universe.


They sowed the seeds of life in the universe, and these seeds were pinned on meteorites to various planets, but this group of intelligent life eventually disappeared. As the total universe began to die out, so the future of mankind must make some changes to promote the birth of a new universe, which is the reason why xr21 came to the real world.


Xr21 claims that it is not from the earth, but from another planet. Even if it comes to the earth, it can not change the past. The end is doomed. There is a balance mechanism in the universe, and the universe can self correct. If xr21 is going to change the big events in history, it will also create a big event in the universe. Xr21 says that there is a kind of powerful energy in the universe, which can be used to reverse space-time. So sometimes we feel that something has happened, but in fact, it is an exhibition in another space-time.


The prediction of xr21


He said that according to the previous law, human beings will disappear in 2030, but they will still exist until 2050. He was very confused that maybe the balance mechanism of the universe is self correcting. Many people feel very mysterious after hearing what xr21 said, and they have also been questioned by many people. Of course, many people believe his words, and put forward many questions to him. A netizen asked him to prove the existence of parallel universe, but xr21 claimed that there are multiple dimensions in the universe, but there is no parallel universe.


He also claimed that there are other extraterrestrials on the earth at present. The universe is full of life, but it’s different from the latitude of the earth, so humans can’t observe them. Xr21 has long disappeared in the network, and we can’t verify the authenticity of these remarks, but Xiaobian thinks that we still listen to it as a story. After all, there is no scientific basis for this. I don’t know what you think?

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