“Time and space tunnel” in Guizhou? Mobile time can be reversed for 1 hour, can it really cross?

In our opinion, time tunnel is a bridge in movies and novels. Now many scientists think that time tunnel exists, but we have been looking for it for so many years and have no ideal effect. There are also many so-called walkers on the Internet. They claim to come from the distant future and have to be prophesied by the earth and human beings. However, facts have proved that most of the walkers are just a scam.


Guizhou’s “time and space tunnel”


There is such a “time and space tunnel” in Guizhou, China. As long as human beings enter this tunnel, time will regress by an hour. What’s the secret of this tunnel? Can we really travel through time and space? This time-space tunnel is located in Zunyi, Guizhou Province. It is located in a mountain range. Many people may have doubts. Isn’t this time-space tunnel formed naturally? In fact, this is not a product of nature. The name of this time-space tunnel is guanjingnan tunnel. It is mainly built to facilitate the travel of vehicles. It is the appearance of this tunnel that shortens the distance between cities.


This tunnel has been in existence for many years. There is an endless stream of vehicles passing through this tunnel every day, and people’s travel has been greatly facilitated. But in the years after the tunnel was built, many strange things happened. Many people turned back the clock when they entered the tunnel. The magical phenomenon of this tunnel has caused a lot of hot discussion on the Internet. It has always been the talk of people after dinner. With the growing reputation of this tunnel, many people come from afar just to see the true face of this tunnel.


One hour back?


The rise of short video makes Guizhou’s time-space tunnel appear again in front of human beings. According to the statistics of scientists, about 80% of the people who enter the tunnel with smart phones will go back an hour when they pass through the tunnel. If the time before entering the tunnel is 7:00, then after coming out of the tunnel, the time will become 6:00, and the time of mobile phone will not return to normal until driving forward for a period of time. The spread of this short video has caused netizens’ onlookers on the Internet. Many netizens are constantly guessing. Does this space-time tunnel really have the function of crossing?


The truth of time tunnel


But it seems that this tunnel can only change the time of mobile phone. People have no change after passing through this tunnel. Is it just caused by signal interference? At this time, scientists also expressed their views. They believed that this was not a time-space tunnel. The reason why time changed was actually caused by mobile phone operators. If we carefully find these people who bring smart phones into the tunnel, we will find that not all the time of mobile phones will change. Only one operator’s mobile phone will have time reversal, while other mobile phones will not. Therefore, scientists believe that this is actually caused by the base station adjustment of mobile phone operators.


I didn’t expect that the time-space tunnel in Guizhou, which is hotly debated on the Internet, doesn’t have the function of crossing. It’s just caused by the problem of mobile phones, but also through the fermentation of the media. Guizhou time-space tunnel appears in front of human beings. It’s precisely because of this phenomenon that this time-space tunnel has also become a local scenic spot. Every year, many people come to this tunnel to visit To a certain extent, it also promotes the local tourism economy.


So the development of science is a long process. Although our science and technology level is very advanced, we are still very small in front of some physical natural phenomena. Just like this time and space tunnel, it has no ability to cross time and space, but it has been widely spread by human beings. Maybe only when human beings can suffer from failure again and again, can we become stronger and stronger and go further. I don’t know if you have ever been to this time and space tunnel?

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