Time tunnel entrance? The time here is 9 hours faster than that outside, China’s “Bermuda Triangle”!

The earth has given birth to many magnificent natural landscapes. When we are in them, we will be shocked by the uncanny workmanship of nature. Not all natural landscapes will bring us the enjoyment of beauty. There is such a place in Sichuan, China, which is called “Bermuda delta”. If you enter here, the time inside will be 9 hours faster than that outside. It’s hard to come out. What’s the matter?


Enchanted Taipa


This place is located in the Wawu mountain in Sichuan Province of China. It is also a famous tourist attraction in Sichuan Province. Many tourists come here in droves. However, there is such a place in the Wawu mountain, which has been mysterious since ancient times. If people go in carelessly, they will easily get lost. This place is the legendary enchantment Dang. There was an expedition at that time The team came here and walked for three days and three nights. The compass and communication were completely out of order. Since then, such incidents have become more and more frequent. Many people are also very afraid of mesmerized Taipa.


In order to solve the mystery of mindang, scientists have come here many times to explore, but when they enter, communication and positioning will fail. They found that the time in mindang is 9 hours faster than that outside. Therefore, scientists speculate that there may be a special magnetic field in mindang, so all communication tools and positioning will fail. This may be the reason why the time is 9 hours faster than outside.


The secret of mindang


Some people think that enchanting Taipa is often accompanied by thick white fog, so when people come here, they will inevitably be disturbed by fog and lose their way. There are so many strange events happening here that netizens have speculated one after another. Is it the Bermuda delta of China? Are those missing here going to another time and space? This view is too sci-fi in our opinion. Although scientists have come here for many times to explore, they still have no final answer.


People have always been curious. Despite the endless horror stories of mindang, many tourists still come to visit it, and it has become an important local scenic spot. Of course, in order to ensure the safety of tourists, the scenic area has also arranged professional staff. Tourists should not act at will after entering the enchantment pool. They must follow the steps of the staff.


In this way, human beings are too small in front of the natural interface. There are different landscapes all over the world. These landscapes may bring us spiritual pleasure, or stimulate human curiosity. These are the gifts of nature to us, so we also need to protect nature. With the rapid deterioration of the earth’s environment, many beautiful landscapes have disappeared It’s a pity. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to mindang?

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