Time tunnel? More than 100 saints disappeared in 1999. Where did they go?

Although many scientists believe that space-time travel exists, according to our scientific and technological level, it is still a long process to unlock the secrets of space-time travel. There have been suspected events of space-time travel in history. In 1999, more than 100 believers mysteriously disappeared during the pilgrimage, which attracted the attention of the whole world. Up to now, some people still think that they have entered the tunnel of time and space.


Lost saints


It was July 2, 1999, and there were more than 100 pilgrims in Colombia who were going to the top of Mount alrith for a pilgrimage. This is because they think that the end of the world will come in August 1999. They go up the mountain to seek God’s salvation. After landing on the top of the mountain, the group of saints never came down and disappeared mysteriously. This incident shocked the whole of Colombia. At that time, the government sent a large number of police to search around the mountain, and even sent out helicopters. But it took more than a month, and no one was found.


This event can be said to be an unsolved mystery in the history of human development. At that time, many people spontaneously joined the exploration team, but there was no discovery. In fact, even in the modern era of advanced science and technology, there have been strange disappearances in many areas, and many places have become a forbidden area for human beings. This is very strange in our view, but human beings are incompetent It’s my strength.


The Bermuda Triangle


The disappearance of


I believe many people have heard of the Bermuda delta. There have been many strange events in this area. The flying plane suddenly disappeared in the air. Some people think that the Bermuda delta is actually a time and space tunnel on the earth. In our opinion, this statement is too crazy. Although there are many legends about Bermuda delta, there is no substantial evidence to prove this statement.


With the change of social concept, more and more people think that time and space tunnels are real. These time and space tunnels are invisible. Maybe some people accidentally touch the switch of time and space tunnels, so they disappear on the earth and enter into another world. There have also been a lot of walkers on the Internet. They claim that they come from another world, and the tool they use is time and space tunnel.


In fact, there are many such incidents on the Internet, most of which are exaggerated and mysterious. Although Xiaobian believes that space-time shuttle can be realized, at the current level of science and technology, human beings may only use wormholes to realize space-time shuttle. What do you think? Does time tunnel really exist?

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